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    Need Cardone Caliper boxes

    Do you need a particular brand box?
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    Getting Our Ham Radio License

    The Technician exam is really very easy. Only 35 questions. To find an exam location: Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area
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    Help Sourcing specific LED Headlight for FJ40

    Yep, These were the original series made by Truck-Lite. They're no longer available. They were out less than a year before changing to the new design.
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    Trail communications for club

    Here's a good practice exam: Here are all the possible questions: The test will only have 35 multiple choice questions. I got licensed in 2000 and upgraded to General in 2001 when Morse Code (CW) was still a...
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    Coal Mine Roll Call

    I'll be there for the duration (arriving the afternoon of the 14th): Tech inspections
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    Club Announcements

    Cool! I never realized there were no other 'official" clubs in PA.
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    Coal Mine Cruiser Classic July 15-18

    You only need to be a member of TLCA to participate in CMCC. Many join GCLC just to support them.
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    Let's laugh!

    I say you have to give the kid credit. Instead of continuing to drive drunk, he chose to protect the public by stopping other drunks. Granted, by 4AM, most of the drunks are home. But he tried. lol SOMERSET, Pa. (AP) — Police say a man who set up a drunken-driving checkpoint complete with road...
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    Let's laugh!

    Yes, we have the best and brightest here in Somerset...
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    Cut-n-Turn - Rear Axle

    Bolted on. You're probably right. I'll just make some new brackets. Thanks!
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    Cut-n-Turn - Rear Axle

    I'm running FJ62 axles under my SOA 40. At that time I did the cut and turn on the front axle. I just finished a rear disc brake conversion. It works well, but the calipers hang a bit too low due to rotating the axle up during the spring over. Is there a way to cut and turn the rear axle flange...
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    Coal Mine Cruiser Classic 2015 - July 15-18

    Sorry Ben, I'm not. I have a local guy I barter with. I trade him decorative iron work for his printing capabilities.
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    Coal Mine Cruiser Classic 2015 - July 15-18

    Send me the logo in vector and what you want on it, and I'll get done.
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    Keystone Cruisers Club Membership Info

    Here you go...
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    Club Awareness Idea

    I did one for Mud a few years ago: See post 9 & 10 for examples. It would be easy to do one for the club and members could print their own.
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