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    TRD / Kazuma SuperCharger - On-line manual or PDF??

    I've got a PDF that TRD sent me. PM me with your e-mail and i'll get it to you.
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    Looking for New Factory Roof Rack

    If you want a low profile rack try a Saris. Mine only sits about an inch higher than the factory one.
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    The "good" 12V compressor at Costco for $48.99

    Costco in Silverdale, Wa has them now. They have a pallet full of them.
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    Costco wireless rearview camera install

    FT, no I can see everything on the ground from about 3' out with the camera. Without the camera I couldn't see the top of a 3' tall step stool until it was about 13' behind me. Sorry should have clarified that a little better.
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    Costco wireless rearview camera install

    Kenny-not sure if they all do or not, ours still has a bunch. IB-it doesn't have any lowlight capability, but as long as you have decent illumination underneath (sunny/lightly overcast day) i think it would work well. The camera is pretty well protected from the elements as it has a lens...
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    Costco wireless rearview camera install

    All in all the install was pretty much a :banana: job. Some initial observations: Pro: - Easy installation - Color camera with a good picture - Increased view of rear of vehicle, I placed a 3' high step stool behind the LX and without the camera was unable to see it until it was about...
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    Costco wireless rearview camera install

    OK first step was to remove the visor from the truck. After that I marked out the are where I was going to put the receiver. The only place it would fit was to the right of the mirror. I marked out the area and started slicing with the razor knife. (bit of advise you should probably check...
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    Costco wireless rearview camera install

    I picked up the wireless rearview camera that Costco had for $85 the other day. While deciding where to mount the receiver/screen, I felt a more permanent install would be nice. I figured I could finally contribute something to this fine site by doing a write up of the install. Forgive me if...
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    LEDs for Christmas Drawing

    Count me in, thanks George!
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    J Springs Installed on LX450

    Depending on how the steering feels at this point you might want to get an alignment prior to putting in the CC bushings. Mine needed another 2* of castor with the OME bushings in, had to pop them back out and use Christo's castor plates. Every rig is different and your ARB may compensate...
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    Backup cam APB

    The Costco here in Silverdale, WA has the upgraded version for $89. Easy sell with the :princess: when you mention the safety factor, i.e. blind spot and our newborn!
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    Installing a new starter - 1991 Cruiser

    As Jason said give C-Dan a call he'll know the exact parts and get you the best price. Also check out George's site here:
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    rifle/shotgun mounting
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    Anyone used this for there PHH?

    Been there, did it, so far, so good.
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    80 without lockers. How offroad can I get?

    This thread ought to answer your question.
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