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    SOLD Dallas 1976 FJ40

    Flexible on your price?
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    How many of you have basically never had any serious issue with your 80's?

    How many miles do you have on it now and have you had to replace the HG? I am looking at one that has ~380k miles and hasn't had the HG so curious how long others have been able to go before needing to replace / redo.
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    FJ80 Head Gasket - sure thing?

    Where do you send the oil for an analysis?
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    Wanted 1997 40th Edition Sage ~100k miles

    This one has way higher miles than you are looking for, but throwing it out there in case it is of interest. I have no affiliation with the seller, but went and looked at it a few weeks back so happy to share any details if interested.
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    For Sale Colorado Springs, CO 95 Blue-Cloth Interior and Moonglow Pearl Exterior

    I love the color of the interior. Is this still available?
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    For Sale 1994 Cruiser- no Lockers Phoenix AZ (no afilliation)- Listed $9,500 (now listed at $15k)

    It’s funny because he says in his ad that if he had added lockers that he would have been asking $14k.
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    For Sale 1994 Cruiser- no Lockers Phoenix AZ (no afilliation)- Listed $9,500 (now listed at $15k)

    The craigslist posting shows an asking price of $15k. Is that just to scare off scammers, but he is really asking $9,500?
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    SOLD MN - Looking for an FJ80

    There was one in ND a few weeks back, but it had substantial rust on the undercarriage
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    For Sale NO AFFILLIATION - 97 Anni Edition, SLC $16k

    I am likely going to go at least take a look at this today. If anyone has any questions, please let me know
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    For Sale Los Angeles - 1997/LC/FJ80

    wow. asking prices keep climbing
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    SOLD AZ - 1993 FZJ80 w/lockers, lift, RTT

    is this still available?
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