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    O1 Tacoma Wheel Question

    Hey guys, looked everywhere for this answer but couldn't find it anywhere. I was wondering if 07 fj cruiser wheels will fit on my 01 tacoma TRD. The bolt pattern looks correct but I dont know about the backspacing. Any info would be appreciated and if anyone is running this setup let me know how...
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    Non-original Distributor ID

    I have the delco dist. and am having major problems with it at the moment. I can have it timed but it only lasts a few days or so. I am also craking caps and ruining points like crazy. Any suggestions as to what the problem is or do I just need a new dist.
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    I just need one that will work on a Nov. 1977 2F engine. I am not sure of the model or the number but here is a pic of the one I think I need. If the link doesnt work it is on the Specter off road page and is the...
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Distributor Needed I am looking for a used distributor for a 77 fj-40. The one I have currently is a piece and is worn out. In fact it is not even a lancruiser dist., which is probably the problem. If any of you have an old distributor laying about from a conversion or such let me know. I am...
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    rebuild of a 3spd xfer case

    Good luck. The manuals are a great help and are quite detailed. Me and Russmanx did a rebuild this last december. Went well and did most of it without the manual.
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    warn 8274 died :(

    Good luck Russy. Better get it fixed soon so you can pull me out this weekend.
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    Rancho Shocks

    Save some money and just go with the 5000's, good shock for a good price.
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    Valentine's Day drawing.

    Sounds like a good thing to me--count me in!
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    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Sounds good to me. thanks
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    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Money is sent thanks
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    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    I hope you mean the panels, and yes i still want them. I will get payment sent soon. Thanks
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    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    That will be fine. I will get the payment sent sometime this week. thanks.
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    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Im deer hunting this weekend so i will do the paypal thing on monday or tuesday allright. Thanks
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    Rolling chasis and rancho lft kit

    Not so sure about the lift as i just sunk some money into some body panels, so i will let you know in a few days. If not keep us all posted on any other lifts and parts you may have.
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    Diamond Plate w/ Cutouts

    Posted my address and what not in an email to ya. So let me know whats up. Thanks
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