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    Before I open the can of worms....

    Seems somewhat torque something like a U-joint, axle, or other driveline related thing IMO. I had similar symptoms in my wifes Mini Countryman of all things....and it was bone dry CV axles.
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    New from the Cleveland area

    Welcome. Just north of Columbus here.
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    Whats best year for early FJ's

    All the "issues" are very very uncommon in the grand scheme of things. Could you get an early 2007 with the over-hardened rear diff, yeah...though it is unlikely as the PO would have probably encountered the issue. Fender tears....unlikely unless offroading. Just get the lowest mileage, (or...
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    Builds I noticed a lack of build threads in here. Let's have one.

    Pretty sure we are talking strut mounts, not shock...hence the replacement of them. :meh:
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    '97 FZJ80 sounds like it's haunted by whales (w/ link to youtube video)

    x2 on the brakes. Were you pressing them? My FJC does a sort of similar noise, but VERY faintly at stop lights. Sounds like a street bike accelerating far off in the a sort of pressure sound rising like yours does, but a little slower to climb. I cannot figure it out for the...
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    Wrangler 5100 front shocks into back of fj?

    Have you read this thread on the Blueroom? superflexy on the cheap, or more expensive if you're into that :bigthumb: - Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum I think you can get those numbers you are after with FJ-specific components (if you want to). The limiting factors will certainly not be the shocks.
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    Brake Caliper question

    I put both front Napa Eclipse calipers on my FJC. Got the "loaded" ones (ceramic pads) so it was literally a 10 minute job. Unscrew line, reattach. Done. They still seem to be working well after at least a year. Came coated black too, and am pretty sure it is holding up well.
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    Wits end rear control arm press

    Also some of the Rent-a-tools at the parts stores might have the right size.
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    Adding Oil Pressure Gauge to 2010-2014 FJ Cruiser?

    If you are relocating the sensor way down a line to a T, I do not know if that will give incorrect readings, but it seems like it could. As far as mounting gauges like in that photo, should be easy. That panel just pulls off and there is a lot of room behind it. I have also seen examples where...
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    New FJ owner need lift advice

    Yes. they sell 5100s for front and rear. The fronts are struts, with the adjustable spring perches (which is what give you the ability to level it). The rears are just normal change in lift whatsoever. When you add the bumper and winch you will likely want to get some heavier springs.
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    What’s it worth??

    Wow, that is trashed. Assuming the inside matches the out....$7500 max. That said, you could probably drop 1-2K to fix it up, bomb the undercarriage and sell it to a sucker for 12-13K.
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    New FJ owner need lift advice

    Easiest way is Bilstein 5100s, 3rd notch. Does retain the use of the OEM springs. I found it rode no different than stock. Really depends on your bumper choice if 5100s will be okay or not. Thinking one of those 90 lb. bumpers with no winch? Probably no big deal. An ARB with a winch? You 'gon...
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    Steel wheels for a 80 series like a fj40 steel with caps

    o_0 Woah. Please post updated pics when theyre on!!
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    Hopefully a quick question/fix.

    I wonder if you can "automatically" adjust the brake shoes by driving in reverse and slamming the parking brakes. This is supposed to (if working properly) adjust the little toothed wheel on the shoes and push them outward some. Now if that is just on real drum-only brakes I apologize. Figured...
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