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    FREE FREE. 1971 FJ40 Tub/bulkhead. So Cal (91784)

    Get ahold of me then, I'll let ya know if I still have it.
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    FREE FREE. 1971 FJ40 Tub/bulkhead. So Cal (91784)

    Still Available...
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    For Sale NV4500 splitcase combo

    Still available?
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    Wanted 67 Fj40 dash piece

    Ive got a 1971 rub with a good dash located in So cal.
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    FREE  FREE. 1971 FJ40 Tub/bulkhead. So Cal (91784)

    Free. located in So cal. 91784, Upland. Tub. Bulkhead is good, has only surface rust. Tub is rusty with holes.will not ship, must pick up. No tag or paperwork. Thanks!
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    What is this missing?

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    Joining Aluminum Tub With Steel Cowl?

    Thanks for the link.
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    Joining Aluminum Tub With Steel Cowl?

    Can someone tell me how this is done. I have a clean cowl but the tub is shot. Im looking into a replacement tub. Thanks in advance.
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    Cummins R2.8 Motor mounts?

    Does anyone sell complete motor mounts for a cummins R2.8 into an FJ40? Thanks in advance.
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    For Sale Super charged and turboed Nissan Patrol SD33T engine - new

    I would be interested in the trans and transfer case...
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    Loose Snap Ring?

    Mine were fairly loose also, Not loose enough to fall or anything , but looser than I thought they were going to be. No problem yet.
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    TLC4x4 Erod V8 Conversion Kit

    TTT, Any FJ40 updates?
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    Knuckle Preload Questions.

    The 3 ways I have read to center the knuckle. 1, Add or remove shims on the bottom only after preload is set. 2, Add shims to the "tight" side of the axle once the spindle is on. 3, Shift shims from bottom to top or viceversa after the preload is set never adding or removing a shim from the...
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