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    Events/Trails Hurricane Creek 2021, May 21-23

    Over the last year, this quote from MIB has come to mind a lot
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    GSMTR prep HAMOM 5/15-5/16

    I’m not too familiar with the whole bulletproofing process, so I’d love to pick your brain about it some. My friend and brother in-law both have 6.0 trucks, and I’d love to get some info for them.
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    Refurbish front seats for '97 LC

    I did my own with upholstery from I know several others on here have done the same.
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    GSMTR prep HAMOM 5/15-5/16

    I will be towing with a 6.0 F350, so hopefully I shouldn’t have a fuel problem.
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    GSMTR prep HAMOM 5/15-5/16

    Axles are ready and I’ve got a pile of parts to load in the tow rig Thursday night. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it there and back with the whole fuel shortage BS.
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    Events/Trails Trash Pick-up 5/15/21

    I’ve already committed to a HAMOM that weekend, and picking up my new trail rig.
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    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Will be in full effect at GSMTR this year.
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    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    I know I need 40s, my bank account would argue that though
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    GSMTR prep HAMOM 5/15-5/16

    Since it’s a 3+ hour drive for me, and as most of you know I don’t like waking up early lol. I’ll probably head out fri night and camp out in your shop or driveway. Maybe I can get a head start on some of the work fri night.
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    If you love something let it go......

    I might not have you covered on the flex plate. You can still have it, but my 62 is a 1990 model and I had to drill the 2f flywheel to fit my larger bolts. I believe there was a mid model change with the crank/flex plate. I may be wrong though
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    Events/Trails UC GSMTR 2021 Cabin and Event Thread

    I’ve prepped the trailer with new tires and a winch, and secured a tow rig. Now all I need to do is build a wheeler in a month for under $2500. Parts have been rolling in and I’m almost ready to get after it.
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    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Free if I don’t have to do anything. I live in Taylors SC, and work at trollhole’s in Simpsonville SC.
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    What did you do with your truck this week?

    Again, not with my truck, but for my trucks... Project: I Cut My Trailer/winch-in-a-box still waiting on winch rope, and I’ve measured for mounting hardware which I’ll pick up with week. There’s also some welding and finish work to happen before paint. @AndrewHadji winch in a box :rofl:
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