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    Considering this 1974 -looking for opinions

    This could be a great 40 for you. Lots of info on Mud concerning how to inspect. Read up and plan a trip to see it in person. Your opinion is the one that matters.
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    Considering this 1974 -looking for opinions

    What are your intentions for this 40? Concours correct garage queen, or weekend trail rig? Toy to wrench on , or carwash is the most maintainance to do. Wide spectrum of priorities for people, what's important to you?
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    FJ40 resto questions

    Crack in door is door is a relative term. Perhaps a photo of your crack would help?
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    New F & 2F carbs

    Got Carbs? I need a mechanical linkage carb for a 79 2f, please.
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    Transmission shop recommendations?

    I used The Transmission Clinic on Interpark Drive, and have been pleased. Excellent customer service.
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    June trail ride Greenhorn Mountain, Saturday, June 15th

    Chase, our plan B is to do Cloverdale mine trail near Hillside. We will camp near Rainbow lake. Are you interested?
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    June trail ride Greenhorn Mountain, Saturday, June 15th

    I'm in, camping possibly depending on weather.
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    May Trail Ride--Medano Pass, Saturday May 18th

    Orrrrrr, is tomorrow still on, on a different weekend?
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    introduction.. new forum member

    Where are the pics? If there are no pics, it didn't happen.
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    Really nice FJ40 for sale

    Like waving candy in front of a kid......
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    Events/Trails February Trail Run - The Gulches 2/16/2019

    7 vehicles participated. Roads were icy in a few spots, some snowpack but mostly dry. Sam led the way, Thanks Sam. After Metberry a few went on to Hackett Gulch.
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    Events/Trails Club Support to USFS Event DEC 1-2, 8-9

    I will be there the 1st weekend
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    First 40 - How to prepare for 1300+ mile road trip

    Bama4door, I didn't mean to hijack your thread, but I have to call BS when I see it. I am in Colorado, if you need a chiropractic adjustment on your way back, I am right on Hwy 50. Or I could rever you to a good massage therapist. Glad to help out a fellow Mudder!
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