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    Wanted Hi-low beam switch

    No longer needed. Tore into mine and was able to fix.
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    Wanted Front turn signals for a 72 FJ40

    Found a set, thanks to vtgbeemer!
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    Wanted  Front turn signals for a 72 FJ40

    The mounting post on one rusted so bad they snapped off… I'm looking for a pair that may need new lenses (I already have a new set). As long as they work and are not rusty I would be very interested! Please let me know if you have a spare set you are willing to part with?!
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    Wanted  Hi-low beam switch

    Looking for a floor mount beam switch for my 72 FJ40.
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    Wanted WTB - 1972 FJ40 front fenders

    Thank you! I'm new to the area and the FJ so your tip is very helpful! i will look over your site and contact you tomorrow since I have a few other parts i'm looking for
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    Wanted WTB - 1972 FJ40 front fenders

    please message me - I am very interested in pictures and shipping cost to San Marcos, CA 92078
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    Wanted  WTB: 192 FJ40 speedometer

    Working or not, I really only need it for parts. My speedometer gauge needle is broken and I'd like to replace it Cheers!
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    Wanted  WTB - 1972 FJ40 front fenders

    Mine have massive rust and I'd like to replace. Could be factory, reman, or fiberglass. Located in San Diego.. Tank you!
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