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    For Sale UT Doors, passenger & ambulance doors

    @65swb45 is that a good wow? Are you saying wow to my photography skills?
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    For Sale  UT Doors, passenger & ambulance doors

    80.00 each plus shipping
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    Wanted FJ40 Wing Window Latches

    Ben, all mine are attached to windows and doors. p
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    SOLD  TX Tool Box Lid

    67.00 plus shipping.
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    SOLD  TX TEQ Winch

    Mounting threads broken. Please Examine pictures closely. 350.00 before shipping or Would consider parting it out if enough people got involved for all the pieces.
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    SOLD  TX Later Chrome Light Bezel

    150 plus shipping
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    For Sale Pair FJ45 corner windows

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    Wanted 1981 And up FJ40 choke cable

    If you don’t find one, give me a shout week after next. I have one but out of town.
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    Wanted Black OEM wiper arms and blades for 6/77 FJ40
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    For Sale TX FJ40 ODDS ENDS

    I got it with a group of parts from an early fj40 (1965). I can barely make out FJ40LV on the sticker.
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    Wanted Horns

    Is it the H or L or does it matter?
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    For Sale TX Early Defrost Vents

    Yes & yes.
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    For Sale  TX FJ40 ODDS ENDS

    Bib Hinge 45.00 Smog box 45.00 Seat bracket 30.00 Door strikers 20.00
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    For Sale  TX tire tool

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