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    Wanted  rear-passenger seat belt/grey

    passenger side, 2nd row, grey seatbelt. 2000 UZJ100 thank you
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    Wanted  UZJ100 rear-2nd row/passenger-side seatbelt

    Grey please
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    Post your high-mileage 100-series!!!

    2000 UZJ Oh wait.... you said "high mileage"...
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    For Sale  [CO] (5) '87 FJ60 OEM steel wheels-GREAT condition

    COLORADO- make offer *Please reply to
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    For Sale  [CO] (4) 18" Tundra steel wheels-GREAT condition

    COLORADO.... Make offer *please reply to: thanks! -Sean
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    25+ tire threads?

    Has anyone seen a HUGE gas mileage decrease going from a Michellin LTX M/S 275/70/16 to a same tire in 285/75/16? I hear it only effects some vehicles/make/model. But a 1.6" increase seems like it would effect it a lot.?.?
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    Fender flares?

    flares Im taking mine off as soon as the weather permits. im guessing withink the next 2 weks.?.? Make me an offer, and ill shoot you back once I have then in my hands. fyi, grey
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    fender flare removal? 2000 UZJ

    ty thanks for all the replies! Ill go after this project asap!
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    fender flare removal? 2000 UZJ

    I have searched and searched, and i see nada on how to get these things off. I know there are some sort of clips etc.. And also theres some adhesive that will need to be taken off. But does anyone have a write-up that I am missing on how to actually go through the process? Tehre are about 5...
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    Wanted  2000 UZJ "passenger-side/rear seatblet"

    In grey... Again, I am looking for the right side or passenger side, REAR seatbelt in the SECOND row. Grey Thank you goes right to my phone.
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    conv motor oil vs synth?

    well for some damn reason, Toyota told me to never use synthetic. i couldnt figure how why the hell not. im 58K right now
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    conv motor oil vs synth?

    Is it a mileage issue as of when you start using synthetic motor oil?
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    Wanted  looking for...

    ashtray and cigarette lighter. or preferably a plastic cigarette lighter plug. more than anything an ashtray. i can prolly find the plastic plug off sumthn else. if this thread isnt in the right place, im sorry. thks- SRH
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    2009-2010 Tundra wheels--->2000 UZJ

    from the posts ive read, these bolt up directly other than the center caps.?.?
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    Wanted Fenders Wanted

    so do mtn bike boxes! but youll need 2 of em...
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