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    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Took the 1998 LC skiing at Revelstoke, British Columbia.
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    Picking up Southern LX470 - Looking for Undercoating advice/experience - esp. Waxoyl, Fluid Film, Krown

    On my 1998 LC I used Eastwood products on the under carriage. They have a whole line of products and I am sure they have one suited for a rust free truck. I used the rust convertor followed by a finish coat. It is a painted finish so doesn't collect dust or dirt. Did a oil change recently and...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Check out Jon Olsson’s G Wagon. I think your 100 could give it some stiff competition.
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    Frame Rust - is some OK or never OK?

    Check out the undercoating on the side of the muffler. I think someone spent the time to undercoat or paint the frame.
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    98 front differential - maintain or replace

    I have a 1998 Land Cruiser. Before I installed my winter tires I took the truck around the neighborhood to practice my drifting skills. When I was starting from a stop on the snow covered streets if I floored it only the drivers front tire would spin. This got me thinking about the open...
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    Serp Belt Pulley Squeak on Start up

    I had the same squeak on start up. Removed the serpentine belt and gave the idler pulley and the tensioner pulley a good spin. The idler pulley sounded dry. Installed new idler pulley and a new serpentine belt. Squeak is gone. NOTE the old idler pulley would spin longer than the new idler...
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    My GCC Spec FZJ100

    Gnarleynick2072 I have been following your GCC Spec 100 posts. I have two 100 series Land Cruisers, a 1998 and 2006. Thought I would introduce myself and offer to help with the transfer case rebuild. I need to replace the seals on my 1998 transfer case and seeing yours go together would be...
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    Greasing WRONG Orientation

    Is there room to use one of these slide on type 90 degree adaptors? PUSH-ON 90° GREASE COUPLER – Oddball Innovations Inc
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    Can't get the PCV grommet out

    On my 1998 I cut the grommet so I could pull it out by grabbing one of the cut ends with a needle nose pliers. Used a roofing knife to cut the part of the grommet inside the valve cover.
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    Anyone have experience with rust repair?

    Don't fear the rust. Looks ok to me. Check out the Eadtwood products. I used the Eastwood stuff on my 1998 LC. Before starting I used my pressure washer with a flexible hose and a pipe cleaning attachment to blast the inside of the frame and also clean all the mud off...
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    New Landcruiser owner

    Enjoy. I have a 1998 LC and a 2006 LC and a 2016 GMC SLT Z71. Four drivers in the family and everyone fights over who gets to drive the Land Cruisers.
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    +1 for heat.
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    help selecting new winter tires

    I just installed Nokian Hak 9 SUV with studs on my 1998 LC. Best winter tires I have ever had. Better than Blizacks or Michelin LTX Winters. Expensive but unbelievable grip on ice.
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Put on new Nokian studded snow tires. The BFG KOs were OK in the snow but not so good on the ice. The Nokians on ice are like a cat on carpet.
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    Landcruiser HDJ 100 Frame Restoration

    Projects like this keep guys like this out of trouble. A few weeks ago my wife complained that I was spending all my spare time in the garage. I told her it is better to spend my time under a 20 year old Toyota in the garage instead of on top of a 20 year old slut in a cheep hotel. She hasn’t...
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