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    Replaced the front shocks today

    I just replaced the shocks on my 1998 LC. On the rear I dropped the spare tire. Then jacked up the truck and placed jack stand under the frame and removed the tire. I was able to sit on the floor with my head in the space occupied by the spare tire. I used my sawzall to cut the "bolt" of the top...
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    Which LX do I buy? 99 or 04

    I have a 1998 Land Cruiser and a 2006 Land Cruiser. If you plan on modifying for off road use buy the 1999. If you plan to use it for highway trips get the 2004. Just my opinion.
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    Wheel Bearing; FSM Torque to Light or just Right.

    I replaced the front wheel bearings on my 1998 LC. I followed 2001LC write-ups and videos. Many thanks to 2001LC and ih8mud. My torque on the inner nut was between 40 and 50 ft lb to get the break away scale between 10 and 12 lbs. I did the break away force check multiple times to make sure I...
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    buying a car tomorrow help

    Very clean looking LX. Lots of great advice on this forum. Give this truck a full base line of all the fluids, check the brakes and do what these guys recommend and you will be all set for another 150,000 miles. Last advice is to stop looking at 100s that are for sale. I bought my 1998 and then...
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    100 series full brake job, did I get hosed?

    I took my front rotors off last night to repack the bearings. Took me about 5 hours to get the rotors off and cleaned up. I bet I spent 2 hours to get the cone washers to come loose on the passenger side. Started using a normal size hammer and worked up to the 3 pound hammer (BFH). Drivers side...
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    LX Diffs

    I have a 1998 Land Cruiser and I put a set of Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV tires on this winter. Had no problem in lots of winter conditions. Never needed the rear locker at all. I have a set of BFG KOs for non winter driving. I compared the 2 tires in the fall when I switched over. The BFG KO are...
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    need opinions

    To get a good idea of the origin of the sound try using a tube. Put your ear at the end of the tube and move the other end around the engine. It really helps with locating the source of the noise. My favorite tube is the cardboard tube for wrapping paper. They are about 30” long and 1” in...
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    Best 100 Series... 06 and 07? Share your experiences / expertise!

    I like my 1998 LC better than the 2006LC. It has a more truck like "Feel" than the 2006. The 1998 Factory rear locker is a bonus, has more dents and miles on it. My kids prefer the 1998 because of the Pioneer double DIN stereo. In my case the 2006 has lower mileage, cost more and is just too...
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    Best 100 Series... 06 and 07? Share your experiences / expertise!

    These discussions are interesting. Similar to discussing which beer is the best. I always choose the coldest free beer as my favourite. I have a 1998 and a 2006 Land Cruiser. The 2006 is nicer in someways but the 1998 has its advantages as well. Others Members have raised/discussed those...
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    A really really really low mileage 06 came into my shop today, I might scoop it up...

    Let the seller come up with the price. When my neighbour told me he was going to sell his 2006 LC I waited for him to come up with his price. Glad I did since his asking price was almost $10,000 less than I thought he would ask. On the other hand it would kill me to miss out on this deal of I...
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    Should I not buy a 100 just cause it's an LX470?

    I have 2 Land Cruisers. A 1998 anda 2006. I like the AHC on the 2006. Rides real nice and can be adjusted with a quick turn off the ride selector. Stays in the soft setting 99% of the time. The VVTi and the 5 speed is better on the highway. Don't notice much difference between the 2 when city...
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    LC vs LX

    I have a 1998 LC and a 2006 LC. Here are my thoughts. 1998 More truck like ride Interior is more manly Don’t mind taking it off road since it cost less I like it more than the 2006 It’s mine 2006 Ahc is great, rides like a luxury vehicle More power and 5 speed is nice on the highway City...
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    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Took the 1998 LC skiing at Revelstoke, British Columbia.
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    Picking up Southern LX470 - Looking for Undercoating advice/experience - esp. Waxoyl, Fluid Film, Krown

    On my 1998 LC I used Eastwood products on the under carriage. They have a whole line of products and I am sure they have one suited for a rust free truck. I used the rust convertor followed by a finish coat. It is a painted finish so doesn't collect dust or dirt. Did a oil change recently and...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Check out Jon Olsson’s G Wagon. I think your 100 could give it some stiff competition.
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