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    For Sale '76 fj40 for sale

    I know dude... Sucks, but maybe sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Maybe one day I'll be able to get an old rig and do the same thing my dad and I did, which will be more fun anyways!
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    For Sale '76 fj40 for sale

    Hey folks! I haven't been on here in a long time, as family life has kind of taken over all my free time that was once available for the cruiser. I'm trying to sell the truck in order to get something to haul the family around in, so I would consider a trade on a Honda Odyssey if anyone is...
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    Moving to Raleigh

    Hey there folks, long time since I've been around the forums, but between working, planning a wedding, and planning a move to Raleigh I haven't had a lot of free time, plus the bearing on the output shaft of the transfer case of my 40 went out.... So yea, I just haven't been in the landcruiser...
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    Well I've got experience in a very few areas... My last job was in land surveying, but that industry is really really slow right now.. Before that i fabricated architectural signs in a sign shop, not really looking forward to getting back into that anytime soon. I wouldn't mind doing stuff...
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    Unfortunately, I got laid off on monday and am currently looking for a new job. Any of ya'll know of openings in the Greenville area? I'd sure appreciate any leads. Thanks!
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    Travel Agent anyone?

    So I need some help finding a good travel agent for my honeymoon in July. I've looked on AAA's website and at some of the different cruise ship websites and it's just frustrating. So if any of ya'll have ever used a good agent here in Greenville, let me know! p.s.- the 40 crapped out on me...
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    Deja Vu

    So today I was working in NC, surveying a border b/w a national forest and private land as well as the state line of NC and SC and the strangest thing happened. As we came around the corner of the trail in the SRV I thought things looked a little bit familiar. Well we kept on going and I saw a...
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    Monthly Meeting this weekend at Alans House (Hard40)

    Now that I am worried about, seeings as you're probably the last person in this club I'd ever want to fight.... I don't need any broken bones.
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    Monthly Meeting this weekend at Alans House (Hard40)

    Yea yea yea, it's basketball time anyways, so really, who cares about baseball... haha. Just kidding. I totally understand the rivalry. You wanna talk about rivalry, lets talk about DUKE v. unc... That's a rivalry. Only 8 miles apart, hitting the court at least twice a year since 1920. So yea...
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    Monthly Meeting this weekend at Alans House (Hard40)

    I'll be at Alan's for some BBQ! Who cares about Clemson and USC?
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    FJ60 FS in Greenville

    I saw the TLCA sticker in the back glass but didn't see an UC sticker, so I assumed you weren't an active MUD member. my mistake! and yes, that was an amazing show. I'm going to see the Wiyos tonight in Asheville. It should be really good as well.
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    FJ60 FS in Greenville

    I was at the handlebar on Wednesday night and saw an 1985 FJ60 for sale. It's in pretty good condition. Stock, 2F, 205k I think. If I remember correctly he was asking $5,500 for it. I didn't get any pictures, but his number is 864-235-5049 if you're interested.
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    Basketball Thread

    Yes... we beat boston college at bc. Glad to see Coach K didn't get his first 5 game losing streak ever at Duke.
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    I'll never do it again! I promise.

    Damn Marshall, 4,000 plus posts in just about 2 years... that's insane. I've been a member for a year and a half and I haven't broken 300 yet!
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    Looking for a new car

    Well folks, the search is on. I'm looking to buy a new vehicle and I figured I'd start here. I have about 7 or 8,000 to spend. I'd really like to get a Tacoma, older one that I can lift and put some tires on and do some mild wheeling. 4WD is a must, extended cab would be real nice. If anyone...
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