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    Sell me your Rack

    We have a 3 bar system that we had made specifically for people who want to mount a tent and have no need for a full rack. Midguard Adventure Bars. Intro price of 549. Shoot us an email if you'd like to be on the list. Hoping to receive the 460 bars next week and will begin invoicing and...
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    Al Clam shell RTTs ( Was Roofnest Falcon RTT)

    Yes it is. 100% legless. Had it out in 40mph winds over the break and it barely moves.
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    Al Clam shell RTTs ( Was Roofnest Falcon RTT)

    I'm the the first US distributor for The Bush Company. Please feel free to call or email and I'll happily answer any questions you may have. We just stayed in ours for 3 days over the break out in West Texas. Not much, but I can tell you that the Alpha and 270XT awning performed FLAWLESSLY. Zero...
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    Builds ReBuild thread - RunningDrew

    I own a bodyshop in Texas. Feel free to call me tomorrow if you need any advice dealing with the insurance. Like most have already said, the shop the insurance company recommends is typically the last place you wanna bring your rig for repair. Small, independent shops like mine will fight the...
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    GX470 Quad HID Projector Retrofit

    I'm ready! -Rex from GXOR
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    A warning about hitch carriers

    Melted a corner of my Yeti on our first trip with it :D
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    GX470 HID Projector Retrofit

    @Luke111 any updates?
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    Coastal Offroad Bumper Kits

    Yeah, all good. Thanks! Lady that hit me is trying to claim on my insurance, so there's some fun stuff going on. HAHA
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    Coastal Offroad Bumper Kits

    I gotta wait till i get paid from the accident before placing my order, but i'll definitely grab a rear right away and a front later if funds dont allow for the repair and both.
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    Coastal Offroad Bumper Kits

    Nevermind. Front is up on the site!
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    Coastal Offroad Bumper Kits

    I got rear ended the other day and I think this bumper kit is gonna be the winner. Can't justify over 2k for one right now. @Burner01 , is that a Coastal front bumper or a custom one-off?
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    XenonDepot HID's - need the wiring harness???

    Sorry to necro. Did you guys just throw an HID into the stock halogen projector or did you retrofit? I wanna upgrade, but i really cant afford a proper retro atm.
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    Builds The SUBdued GX470 build

    Where did you get it and how does it mount? Looks like it'll be very useful.
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    Builds The SUBdued GX470 build

    Those wheels look great! I'm between those, Trails, or Pro's with that tire size or 75. Just trying to make decisions. Haha
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    The 4x6 expo trailer build.

    This is such an awesome build! Thanks for posting!
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