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    SOLD  OME 2.5" lift kit - 100 series

    I'm selling my recent OME 2.5" 100 series lift kit take off. It comes with 865 springs. It has about 10k miles on it or less. Local pick up only. Selling it for $550. Located in Elk Grove, CA
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    SOLD SLC, UT: 100 Series Tan Steering Wheel w/ Controls

    For an ‘03 and above?
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    For Sale 100 Ironman Suspension Stage 1- BNIB

    why are ypu selling? Anything you didn't like about them? I'm about to install the Foam cell setup with Nitro UCA
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    Everyone Alive?

    LOL.. yeah, it was family...they just wanted to get out and go for a day trip. This was at the day use area, which is the beach front areas and most, if not all were being used. What sucks for the day use area was that the people at the camp site across from these day use areas are parking cars...
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    Everyone Alive?

    Still here as well.... glad to hear everyone is doing good....we were up at Gold Lake about 2 weekends ago and WOW, I've never seen that place that packed.... even the parking lot for the boat launch was so crowded
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    SOLD Los Angeles: set of four FJ60\62 oem 15” chrome steelies

    How much shipped to 95757?
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    Ironman Foamcell lift kit

    Thank you. I actually tried searching it that way and some other ways but most if not all I found are old posts. I'm looking for someone who may have installed this kit recently
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    Ironman Foamcell lift kit

    Anyone currently running a 2” Ironman Foamcell constant load lift kit? I currently have OME on my 80 with 850 front springs, 864 rear springs with Nitro Charger shocks all around. I’ve had them on since 2008 and about 60k miles. I’m running front & rear bumpers, winch, sliders and under armor...
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    SOLD OEM Emblem Rear Door Hatch (Black) Toyota Land Cruiser J100 02-07

    Used the same color emblem on my 01. Great option for a facelift
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    Where do we go from here? To replace my LX or not?

    You got me at "fixing issues on this rusty truck"..... I say get another rig, transfer whatever you can and part out golden rusty..... Rust (at least for me), is the biggest issue you can have on your rig
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    Pic Request: Galactic Gray Mica Builds

    I have a very understanding wife :D
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    Pic Request: Galactic Gray Mica Builds

    The gray ones are nice too... I wanted the gray ones as well for the 100 but my wife got on my case for buying the same wheels that is already on my 80.... so Bronze it is... :rofl:
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    Pic Request: Galactic Gray Mica Builds

    295/70/18 Toyo AT3s
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    Pic Request: Galactic Gray Mica Builds

    Here's my first set when I had all 4 center bore done... I like having the rear caps better
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    Pic Request: Galactic Gray Mica Builds

    Yes I did, but I only did it for the front so I can still put the center caps on the rear... I just didn't like the look of the rears without the caps. I had to learn that the hard
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