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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    For the first time in the 18, almost 19 years I've owned my FJ40, the speedometer works! I have had the Dakota Digital unit installed for a while, but had not got the speedometer working yet. Finally got the fuel gauge and speedometer working properly. So nice to have reliable gauges!
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    Nevada Ghost town trip OCT23-26/27

    We will be leaving sometime early Friday morning, and starting in Carson City area. I have a Virginia city start and going all the way to Tonapah but I don't think either of those are actually realistic. I think Carson City to Diana's punch bowl and Belmont Nevada will be a great trip. I...
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    Club run

    We can meet at 7am at the park and ride on Bell and 80 to convoy up from Auburn. Let me know if you plan to be there so I don't leave without you.
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    Club meeting at Ryans' again - 9/22/20

    If you need my address pm me!
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    Builds What did you do with your cruiser today?

    I'm excited, tomorrow will be fun. Trying to find some spot weld cutters this afternoon, and going to clean up the shop a bit, but otherwise ready to go tomorrow. It will be nice to start making some progress on your tub.
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    3FE Conversion

    Interestingly enough, I did not hook up the VSS wire at all, and have not had a CEL yet, been a few months of driving it once a week or so to work and a few trips. The 3FE in a 40 is fantastic. It just runs SO GOOD. Way smoother, nicer, and even a little quicker then my 350 was. My first...
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    Builds What did you do with your cruiser today?

    Man, we totally should have notched and welded tubes into your rear channel while we did the shackle hangers and stuff last year. Oh well.
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    Events/Trails August 2020 Club Run to Hunter Lake

    That was a super fun trip. Thanks for having us. Even with some issues, my 62 overheating randomly and Tony's coil, it was a good day. That weather was soooo nice to get out of the misery for a few hours, and the rain even felt nice after weeks of brutal heat. Such a beautiful area, I'd...
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    Events/Trails August 2020 Club Run to Hunter Lake

    I know I am going. Really heavily thinking it's going to be Lexi though. Those weekend temps with no AC seem pretty unfun. I think Tai is coming, maybe another one or two... leaving Auburn together.
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    Why does everyone keep the hardtop on

    My favorite way to drive mine is no doors, top on. I still get the open feeling, but I have more storage room to pile up camping stuff, I have shade, it looks better, and my dog in the back is safer. I like topless, but it's a pain to take the top on and off and I just like it on a little...
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    Events/Trails August 2020 Club Run to Hunter Lake

    We are in. I think my parents may come as well in their 4runner. We'll see... they have a way of flaking out last minute. lol
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    June 13/14 run Crystal Peak/Dog Valley

    Camping this weekend!!! We will be meeting at 8am at Kmart in Grass Valley. We will be going to up to Verdi Nevada, and going up to Dog Valley, and Crystal peak. Crystal peak is pretty cool, its got a ton of quartz and you can find crystals in it, and are allowed to take them home. After finding...
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    Club meeting is on for May 26th at Ryan's

    PM me if you need my address. And bring chairs. I only have a couple in the shop.
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    Events/Trails Spring Camping Trip to Black Rock 6/5-7

    Danielle is still working Fridays until 5, so more than likely we'll be up early Saturday and on our way to a meeting point, whatever it ends up being.
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    Events/Trails Spring Camping Trip to Black Rock 6/5-7

    I hope we see some sheep! That would be super cool. I have never seen any of the big horns before in person. I'm looking forward to this. Should be a good trip.
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