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    Am I crazy to buy a 2020 Landcruiser?

    Pull the trigger. Plan to keep it indefinitely. You will never regret it.
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    Happy Thanksgiving 2019

    My brother-in-law really goes all out and is quite the chef. Looking forward to some great food, wine and football. The road to Fort Collins may be dicey. Be safe out there gang!
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    Superstitions / random things that annoy you ...... what you got?

    When waiting in a confined area like a doctor's office, people's phones pinging and binging. I always put mine on silent but guess I'm the only one. I think the smart phone has it's major faults, especially on the road/safety. I am easily distracted and crave silence.
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    Pismo Beach speeding ticket rant (eg. useless thread)

    Won't be as easy to speed now that the coastal commission just announced more acreage closing to vehicles on Oceano Dunes due to particulate matter getting kicked up by all of us...
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    Chip Foose SEMA Jag

    My Lt. Col uncle had a XKE while stationed in England in the late 60's. Lots of sellers regret. It was in that beautiful British green.
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    Parting Out  WANTED: 60 Series stock radio

    Looking for a stock 60 series am/fm radio with all the face and hardware. Thanks
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    I am Fat!

    Great, fun, informative thread. I'm 6' 190 and would like to lose ten and get back to my college weight. I get up at 4:50 AM, down a cup of coffee and hit the gym doing 30 minutes of intense cardio and then 30 minutes of resistance training 5 days a week. I'm 57 and am stuck. My cholesterol...
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    Which size spacers?

    I think you will be happy with them, I certainly am. What size and brand tire are you considering?
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    Which size spacers?

    Rigger, we run them on all fours.
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    Trail work pictures

    Great work Ed! I grew up in Visalia and have wheeled those wonderful trails.
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    NYT: “Flood of Oil Is Coming”

    Good news for my gas, guzzling 2F....
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    Transmission fluid change... yay or nay?

    I did mine at 60K, I think you should do it just to be safe...
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    I'm going to Idaho

    Lived in Boise in the mid 90's, really loved it and made many wonderful friends. I found the winters to be relatively mild and the Fall and Summers incredible. So many outdoor activities. I use to ride my Mt. Bike to work along their greenbelt, often would stop by one of their many brewhouses...
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    Waving hello to other LC owners when you're driving.

    I guy in a nice Tacoma with ARB bumpers pulled along side me and gave my 200 the thumbs up. I did the same to him and wished I could tell him I had a truck much like his.
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