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    For Sale '78 Toyota HJ45 crew cab diesel LHD (rare)

    Gee, for $23, I'd have bought it and not f***ed it up.
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    The classic ARB 40 Series bumper is back for a limited time!

    Are there pics? Did anyone check to see if they’ll fit a 55? Are there any unspoken for?
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    Wanted LR/RH Toyota OEM 80 series seat heater switches (Horizontal)

    84751-60040 Horizontal LH 84751-60030 Horizontal RH
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    Looking for Local (Austin Area) fabricator

    Have a 4plus bumper on the 40. They’re good stuff.
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    Anyone adapt a fj60 dash cluster into a pig?

    I keep thinking about using the CNC Mill to cut a chunk of aluminum to fit an aftermarket quad gauge and speedometer. Speedhut, Classic Instruments and Autometer all make quad gauge setups. (Maybe Dakota does too.). They all have custom shops, too, so we might be able to get really close. I...
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    ‘88 FJ62 Needs a paint job

    I've found a couple local references, but I've not really gone to check anyone out yet (work life is busy.)
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    Looking for Local (Austin Area) fabricator

    Depends on what it looks like. We’re unlikely to best the pricing on what’s available commercially. Fabrication takes time, and time is money. That said, if it’s unique, it may be worth it. Also, one LX450 has a tire carrier, and the other has a stock rear bumper. The 92 could use a rear...
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    2019: What heavy duty replacement stock looking rockers are available?

    AFAIK, @bobm isn’t done. The day he says he is, I start producing.
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    For Sale '76 Pig in Colorado

    I (don't) love the strap holding up the rear window.
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    Parting Out 1973 FJ55 piggie in Denver

    also could use a tailgate handle, so I can look into making replacements.
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    Looking for Local (Austin Area) fabricator

    Yes. We do a lot of work with IMP in Leander. I also have a slee ladder on the lx450. So, if you’re game, I’m game.
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    Brass & TEQ

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    For Sale Why some of us hang on to spares...

    I assume you're willing to test the prototype(s), @bobm ??
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