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  1. New shocks parabolic bouncer.jpeg

    New shocks parabolic bouncer.jpeg

    Left back
  2. Parabolic .jpeg

    Parabolic .jpeg

    Left rear, front of spring
  3. Actual 3 leaf

    Actual 3 leaf

    Rear 20” with parabolic springs
  4. Parabolic Springs 2

    Parabolic Springs 2

  5. Parabolic Springs `

    Parabolic Springs `

  6. Parabolic springs 3

    Parabolic springs 3

  7. Ggodard

    Muffler ?

    magnaflo! MagnaFlow® - XL Series Stainless Steel Round Satin Exhaust Muffler
  8. Ggodard

    Better Engine/muffler performace

    I think I am going to go with a Magnaflow XL. I hope it's not too loud. My rig is already loud enough driving down the cobblestone streets here in Guatemala!
  9. Ggodard

    Better Engine/muffler performace

    LOUD!!~ o_O
  10. Ggodard

    Better Engine/muffler performace

    What did you wind up getting? what muffler are you using @love2fly ? results? Update please. Gracias : )
  11. Ggodard

    Stock FJ40 Tire Help

    That's what I have on my 74 FJ40. Maxxis 751's. So far they have 7 years on them and going strong.....
  12. Ggodard

    Too Hot! help!

    Thank you .. I'm going to check this out as soon as possible..... thank you!!!!
  13. Ggodard

    Too Hot! help!

    I will check the fan clutch out tomorrow, - how can I tell if it's not good? as for the thermostat... I will look at that also! thank you! : )
  14. Ggodard

    Too Hot! help!

    I know.. there are some odd bits about my rig. Sometimes it's like a 72 and sometimes a 74. No booster, no overflow tank- I JUST installed the dual brake master- it was a single before. The bypass was always like that, only recently has it become so incredibly hot so quickly. I have made a...
  15. Ggodard

    Too Hot! help!

    Temp difference is about 20 degrees or more.... say 70's to 90's here is my carb which was rebuilt already in May 2015! Elevation where I am mostly (Antigua Guatemala) is 5000 feet. I surf, so I go to the beach almost every weekend... and MELT.
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