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    For Sale '89 FJ62 Grey/Blue Seats (Front)

    Hey 3_puppies, I'd be cool with that. Can't say I've ever taken a seat apart like that though--not sure if it just bolts holding it together or what. I'll PM you or vice-versa.
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    For Sale '89 FJ62 Grey/Blue Seats (Front)

    More pics...
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    For Sale  '89 FJ62 Grey/Blue Seats (Front)

    Selling my driver and passenger side seats. The driver's seat has had the bottom replaced with vinyl by PO. I'm a chunky boy and these weren't comfortable enough for me, so upgraded to BMW seats. Seats are in working condition. $100 for both, would rather not ship. I'm located in Salem...
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    For Sale FJ62 Grill & Headlight Bezels

    More pics.
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    For Sale FJ62 Grill & Headlight Bezels

    More pics.
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    For Sale  FJ62 Grill & Headlight Bezels

    Replaced my grill and bezels with some aftermarket pieces, selling originals. Three of the clips are broke, with one piece completely broke off (see pics). Grill and bezels both rough as far as chrome goes (please see pics). Grill has one crack on bottom towards driver side. Previous owner had...
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    SOLD 1988 FJ62

    Like I said, price is there. If someone wants to buy it, I will talk with them. If you're not interested, butt out, oh defender of the For Sale forum. You seem like a fun person.
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    SOLD 1988 FJ62

    Price is there. Sheesh.
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    SOLD 1988 FJ62

    "Life is good, hard times are temporary." I believe this to be true also. I'm looking forward to a new beginning.
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    SOLD 1988 FJ62

    Thanks Trailink82, I will get a price on there. Trying to stay positive! A few months ago I would never have expected being laid off, but these are some crazy times.
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    SOLD  1988 FJ62

    Trying to delete this post, but don't see that option. I wasn't sure I was going to sell, which has been pointed out by others, this wasn't the correct place to post if so. If I do decide to actually sell, I will post so then.
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    MUDShip FJ62 from Lambert, MS to Rolla, Springfield, or St. Louis, MO.

    Found a transporter on Uship with room on a return trip. Picked her up today! :)
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    MUDShip  FJ62 from Lambert, MS to Rolla, Springfield, or St. Louis, MO.

    Hi, Purchased a FJ62 near Lambert, MS and looking to have it transported to Rolla, Springfield, or St. Louis areas in Missouri. If anyone is passing through these areas and have room, please let me know. Or if you know of another way I can get it up here, would appreciate the suggestions. Thanks.
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    For Sale FJ60 and Fj62 Parts

    Did you sell your lower tailgate? I live in Nashville and can pick up. Rust? Dents? Price? I tried sending a PM but your box is full. Thanks.
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