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    Looking for Colorado to Southern California

    Good luck Ricky.
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    FJ Summit in Ouray July 18-22

    I'll be headed down for Thursday and Friday but staying in town. Hopefully we can meet up.
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    Wanted Wanted: PS pump/bracket to fit '82 3B

    Can you post some pictures? No leaks? Fits my '82 BJ60 engine? Thanks
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    Wanted Wanted: PS pump/bracket to fit '82 3B

    That would be great if you have what I am looking for. Thanks, but I would ideally have the parts before August. The nice weather is coming, and I'd like to be driving my 40.
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    Wanted Wanted: PS pump/bracket to fit '82 3B

    Sorry, but I didn't get that off the donor vehicle.
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    Wanted  Wanted: PS pump/bracket to fit '82 3B

    I have a 1982 3B from a BJ60 in my FJ40 (does that make it a wanna-b-j?). The donor 60 series had manual steering. I have sourced a double crank pulley and intake-side tensioner, but I still need a power steering pump and stationary bracket. I just looked at my buddy's 1986 BJ75 and...
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    Video and Pictures from Dirty Toy School Dec 5-7 2008, Anza Borrego Springs

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures and videos. I'm glad to see you all had as much fun as we did. Our web site has a lot of photos as well if you are interested in seeing more. Toyota Owner Learning Adventures by Dirty Toy School Bill, Dave and I are working on our schedule for next...
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    Stratton 8/30-31?

    It was great to run into you in VT. I'll see you at the Fall Gathering. Unfortunately my diesel is not going to be joining us this time. Happy trails, Chris
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    ol' man's FJ40 Cage...

    The 60 power steering is one of my favorite mods to my 40 series, next to my Turbo ;). Hugh at Safari-Ltd. changed from his Saginaw setup to the 60 box on his 45 short bed and has also been really happy. Poorwally's in Bennington, VT did the conversion for me. The key is to reinforce the...
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    21 Road

    It changes a lot, but you should have plenty to play on in the earlier parts if you stay out of the wash. Eventually the canyon gets narrow enough that you have to go in the wash if you continue. This can be doable or not for your vehicle depending on conditions. We have been having a lot of...
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    Dirty Toy School So Cal Dec 5-7

    We are glad that you will be joining us. You are welcome to camp if you would like. The Anza Borrego State Park has many campsites and surrounds the town of Borrego Springs. Chris
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    Dirty Toy School So Cal Dec 5-7

    The Dirty Toy School is coming to Anza Borrego, CA December 5-7 for a weekend of fun and learning. We will be using a lot of the same terrain that the Toyota Trail Team trained on this year. The weekend will include two days of instruction and guided driving opportunities, as well as a...
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    Toyota Trail Teams Invitiational - Attica IN Badlands - July 5-6, 2008

    It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet new wheelers. Thanks to everyone for showing your support. Happy trails, Chris
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    Dirty Toy School Grand Junction, Co May16-18

    The event went really well, and we heard some very positive feedback from the participants. Thanks to everyone who has supported us. Here are some pictures of the fun.
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    LX450 Alarm Arming Itself

    Doc, Turn the ignition to ACC. and hold the valet side of the rocker switch until the light stays on. I think that's what I did at Tall Corn on your 80. How have you been? Happy trails, Chris Nelson
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