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    What SMB350??

    Ditto If I would have received the same offer I would have ran with it :D
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    What SMB350??

    that is the one. I am not sure if they will ship to France but here is where I got mine ( Gilbert Chevrolet ) and they are FANTASTIC to work with. Call the number and talk to Scott -- he is the technical support guy and he will be completely honest with you. Also, I would consider...
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    What SMB350??

    I went with the Ram Jet 350 in my FJ40 and LOVE it. comes complete with EFI and even the plugs installed so there is nothing to mess with. Northwest Cruisers of Idaho - Michael Borg (Fred The Monster)
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    Drill a power stearing pump

    ps pump mod This is the one I used. powersteering
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    Hydro Assist - Steering Ram Tie Rod Mount (pic)

    Here are my mounts for the ram. First one is for the rod, second one I welded to the top of the diff.
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    Hydro Assist - Steering Ram Tie Rod Mount (pic)

    I also wanted the adjustability -- I made a simple bracket then attached it to the rod using heavy u-bolts that cost me $5 from a local spring shop. Cheap, strong & adjustable. I will post a pic when I can get it off of my phone a bit later.
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    another cut and turn ???

    A cut and turn is so easy... even for a trail only rig I would do it again in a heartbeat. also, as others have stated on my SOA with high-steer the drag link would have been in the middle of the spring pack for it to work.
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    Media to balance 38.7" XML tires?

    Went through the same questions as you about 6 months ago... One of my Swampers (when new) came with 2 1/2 lbs of weight on it FOR ONE TIRE! Once they wear you need to re-balance. I heard about all the beads, shot, bb's, etc. and then I heard folks say "if you use bb's -- put in 1/2 cup of...
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    fj40 with linked coilover 80 axle project

    DMV laws What are your Department of Moter Vehicle laws say about that height?
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    Balance Large Tires

    what are the specs Woody, do you have specs and pics for your hydro solution? I am SO DONE with the DW and I feel it is time for me to really fix it... I am running a saginaw box in the typical location now if that matters (I assume I will need to replace / upgrade that box though with the...
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    Pinion, cut n turn Q

    When people do a SOA they usually have a lot of travel and scary driveline angles so they need to a) point the pinion at the transfer case (i.e., tilt it up so that it points directly at the Transfer case) and b) get a CV driveshaft (the one with a double u-joint bulbous at the T-case end)...
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    Balance Large Tires

    1/2 cup ? I settled on 3 cups in that most of the charts I have seen (i.e., equal, etc.) state that I need 20oz of weight. So I went with 24oz which is about 3 cups. Is there a reason I would only need 1/2 cup? Is it because it is liquid?
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    Balance Large Tires

    Done with the search... now I need opinions from folks running the ‘ol hill-billy wheel balancing techniques – a) what do you run that works (golf balls, bbs with anti-freeze, anti-freeze only) b) how much should I run with 38.5 x 14.5 TSL SX swampers Thoughts now are that I would run...
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    front and rear guards

    here is mine trim on the rear and fab of front out of tube and old stop signs :)
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    Horn relay location

    saw that pic and it made me even MORE confused... what 40 do you know of that ships from the factory with dual batteries. Also, this has to be a Right hand drive fj in that the brake booster is on the wrong side :) so, maybe I should re-ask the question... anyone with a Left hand drive...
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