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    Carolina Relic Run 2019 - April 25-28

    Not looking like I'll be able to make it in the 80 sadly. Front diff is leaking pretty bad and I don't have the knowledge to diagnose and fix by Friday. Hopefully I'll be up there in another vehicle and can catch a ride with someone on the trails
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    You have been SPOTTED!

    Was scrolling through the past few pages and was like "Hey that's me!" Must've caught me on my way back from Raleigh
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    Mudship From Hudson NC to the Relic Run

    Would they fit in an 80? I'll be passing through there tomorrow afternoon and could most likely pick them up.
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    Carolina Relic Run 2019 - April 25-28

    If I’m planning to come up Friday night and stay for Saturday do I need to register? I’ll be driving my 97 lx so I won’t be in the actual run. Also will be eating my own food, but would like to purchase a shirt I’ll be bringing my camera that I just spent about all my savings on and will be...
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    For Sale Gossamer:1987 fj60 4bt h55 in MD

    The longer this thing is for sale the more I wanna trade my 80 for it
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    You have been SPOTTED!

    Saw this 60 on 51 and idlewild around 6. Anyone on here?
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    SOLD Seattle: 1987 Toyota FJ60

    Man this thing makes me want to sell my 80 and take a loan to buy this
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    Nice 80 with a Salvage Title

    I own a salvage 80 (well LX), and haven't run into any issues with it. For mine it was front end damage that required a new hood and fender, but no structural damage. I plan to keep mine for a long time so I didn't see any problems with it being salvage, especially because of how it clean it is...
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    For Sale/Wanted

    Didn't even notice. Even better
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    For Sale/Wanted Don't think this has been posted yet. If he really has had it for 17 years and it has no rust it looks to be a pretty good deal
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    For Sale/Wanted

    1995 Toyota Land Crusier This one also looks nice. Seems a little cleaner than the one in the post above but doesn't have all of the PM the other one has. Only 168k miles on it too instead of the 305k on the other one
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    craigslist Not mine

    That one's been up a while and I've seen him drop the price a decent amount, so someone could probably snag it for a good bit cheaper than he's asking assuming it's a solid truck
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    Wanted Rust-Free, Lifted, bumpered-up 80 series under 10K?

    I got my 97 LX with 185,000 miles with a 3” slinky lift, 35s, labs rear bumper, 4.88s, and HG done for 12k for reference.
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