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    For Sale  Colo, 2010 LX, 150k mi, $24k

    2010 LX, Silver, grey interior, 150k, Slee sliders, remote start, no rust.... Pictures @ $24k obo....Flats: 719-588-9895
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    Wanted WTB (Houston, TX): 2008-2011 Land Cruiser - Silver, Rust-Free, <150k miles - Will Travel Anywhere!

    Have a 2010 LX for sale: 150k mi., Silver, Gray interior, Slee sliders, remote start on fob, 2 key fobs, Colorado, no rust, 24K ......Flats...
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    Add Heated Steering Wheel?

    Have a 2010 LX and would like to buy a heated OEM steering wheel if it will will work...any body???? Thanks
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    Noise under drivers seat

    2010 LX570...Engine on, everything else OFF; heater, radio, all fans and still her a motor noise under drivers seat...can seat cooling fan be stuck on?? Thanks for response!
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    Humming pump like sound

    Engine on and off with power on...No LED headlights...No cool box....Thanks
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    Humming pump like sound

    2010 LX570, with engine on or off there is a constant, low volume humming, pump like sound. Can't hear with radio on and doesn't sound like its coming from engine compartment. Anyone ever hear something like this? Where was it coming from? Thanks for reply...Flats
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    Rod Vault on LX 570

    Mine is on order from Denver OF and should get it in December, think I will just have them install as I'm in Colorado..Thanks
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    Rod Vault on LX 570

    No problem when lifting the rear hatch? How much for the bracket? Thanks
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    Rod Vault on LX 570

    2010 LX 570, Anyone install a rod vault? Does it work well & fit ok? Thanks for input....Flats
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    For Sale Set of 5 20" wheels

    2010 LX, original wheels with 4 center caps (none on spare) bought 18 inch wheels. Send message to my cell and I will send a picture..719-588-9895....Thanks
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    For Sale  Set of 5 20" wheels

    20 inch wheels and tires off a 200 series LX570. $400 for the set, you pick up in Colorado...Thanks..Flats 719-588-9895
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    Racks, Sliders and Control Arms

    Hey Jason, Looking for sliders for my 2010 LX 570 with AHC...are they available?....Thanks ...Flats....719-588-9895
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    How many 200's on ih8mud

    2010 LX CO 98k
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    Suggestions on black wheels for 200 Land Cruiser?

    Where did you get the Lexus center caps ?
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