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    Blacktop Pics

    Finally blacked out the roof-whad'ya think? -Handsome dobermans not included-
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    just getting started

    I've had a 3" rough country lift for a couple years now-no problems and in your price range
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    My new roof rack...

    looks sweet... I guess you just answered my thought of blacking out my roof, too!
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    in demand

    just saw 2 stock 07 fj 4x- dealer is stilll asking 28+ in SoFL
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    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    nice ride Corey-lot's of tlc there-where'd you pick up that cargo rack/storage bags?? nice.
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    Lighting upgrade

    more light than I expected from 4 110 watt output Piaa's tall-far coverage-with the xenon headlights-it's all the light you'll need-the headlights do drown out the lightbar down low-but plenty of light and 0 exposed wires and gives you another crossbar on the rack
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    Lighting upgrade

    Here's my lighting upgrade- Plus 1 low profile lightbar and Xenon headlights-just waiting on the interior dome LED's to get here-the kit comes with a round PIAA switch or you can use a Tacoma foglight switch to match the dash. Sorry about the photo quality-just from iphone
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    Anyone have a Plus 1 lightbar?

    OK- lightbar is in-looks clean-lots of light I'll post pics soon-I just used the Piaa switch and put it low under the steering console-ordered a FJ foglight switch and they sent me the same one as the kit-I found some swithes online at man a free/also Tacoma switches should fit if you want the...
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    Tire fit question, did some searching but...

    you need a 3" lift to run them on stock wheels (17") without rub-But if the TRD's are 16...? I'd throw em on and see if you already got em'
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    Anyone have a Plus 1 lightbar?

    I was considering a plus1accessories lightbar. Anyone running one? Looking for opinions/their site claims it comes with all relays-wondering if it could be wired into one of the 2 blank dash switches (on the left side)?? Thanks
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    3" Rough Country lift?????

    i've got the 3" rough country lift- no problems and it looks great. I agree with the toyo tires- great wear as long as you rotate in an x pattern with every oil change. I wouldn't put 33's on a 3" lift. the biggest they recommend are 285/75 and you can use your stock wheels.
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    Winch Bumper Comparison - Warn vs. All-Pro

    thanks for the info... the all-pro looks great!!!
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    Sleeping in FJ Cruiser

    any more details rfj?? i didn't see it on the site...
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    seatbelt alkarms

    thamks bro.. no more beep-beep-beep
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    seatbelt alkarms

    anyone remember where the "kill the alarms" thread fot the seatbelt alarms was??? -the dealer reset mine when they replaced my radio.. thanks
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