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    Elvis & More

    I'm using delorme topo 2011, Tim has garmin so any format that is friendly to either or coordinates would work as well, Thanks Kev, Steve
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    Elvis & More

    Hey Kevin, planning on running this, this weekend, was wondering if you had the coordinates you could shoot me? Thanks, Steve
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    is it too early yet to ask about wheeling around Thanksgiving ?

    Seems it was Don who fixed it...with Chevy parts, impressive as I recall. Then the dust up of the biker who couldnt wait for us to go. Great run.
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    Through bumper exhaust

    Great idea Don. Looks great. Steve
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    Annual Payette Draw Run 2010

    Hate to say it I'm out..Mother went in to ICU last night. See you all next time. I will be living vicariously thru ya"ll. Steve
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    Annual Payette Draw Run 2010

    Thanks Don and Kevin for the info. See you Saturday morning.
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    Annual Payette Draw Run 2010

    Sayin hello, My wife and I wheeled with some of you at the cruise Moab '10 with my jeep buddy tim. We would like to join you this weekend at Payette. We would be comming up Sat morning and camping. Just wondering where and when the meet time would be. Assuming the Chevron across from the...
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    Best Tire In Your Opinion

    I have 20k on a set of pro-comp 305-65-17 emt's on my FJ and I think they are great. I would buy them again.
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    New Location for Aux Fuse Box

    this is what I did as well only used a 80 amp breaker. i used the two existing bolt and nuts to mount the fabbed plate. used the Blue Sea 6 station fuse bloc. works great.
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    Finally a lift. I need a question answered

    I have a warn bump and winch with revtec 3" lift and as the "lean" developed my 305s rub on the drivers side in a tight turn. no problem on the pass side.
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    I got one!

    It is not charachter they are badges of honour
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    A-TRAC vs. TRAC

    So, did that answer your question? :doh: Also nice to see you getting around Homes
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    A-TRAC vs. TRAC

    Wow, so who has the bigger one?
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    body cracking at firewall with winch and bumper installed??

    Mines a year old with 45k and we do a lot of rocks here in the Arizona firepit and not a crack in sight.
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    New FJ owner with a trail teams that gets horrible MPG!!

    i have an 07, at stock rack warn front bump and winch, 3" lift. I now swap out my stock alum with my 305-65-17's on procomp series 7189. the difference is 3 MPG. i still get better mileage though, 15-16 on emt's 18-19 on stockers. im running 91 octane. i find if i run the air conditioning...
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