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    Rear window "channel sub-assembly" replacement/fix?

    Thanks Kernal! How do you get the glass out of the door??? Does the exterior belt moulding have to come out as well?
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    Rear window "channel sub-assembly" replacement/fix?

    Hello All, The channel sub-assy and filler on my rear windows has creeped forward on the lower edge of the glass about an inch over time and I can only lower the windows about 4" before the regulator wheel extends beyond the track causing the window to fall all the way down into the door. I'm...
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    Parting Out 1994 White FZJ80 (San Jose, CA)

    I need rear gas struts for the hatch, I'm local to you and might be interested in more... PM me
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    Parting Out  '01-'02 4Runner DBA T3 slotted front rotors **NIB**

    Have a set of New In Box DBA T3 slotted rotors for 2001-2002 4Runner (may fit other years, not sure....) Purchased from Summit Racing (PN: DBA 4792S) a few years back. Paid $180.00ea will sell for $200 + shipping. These are brand new and in perfect condition. They were mistakenly shipped to me...
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    Toyocom OBD1 reader review

    So just rec'd my Toyocom but am curious, is everyone mounting it in the engine bay OBD1 port as is? I noted that the rectangular plastic housing is not sealed around where the harness passes through and the housing in general doesn't appear to be all that robust considering the engine bay...
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    Seafoam top engine cleaner (temporarily) solved misfiring?

    I'm having a similar problem with my '94. I left my office for an appointment and it started to run really rough and weak, felt like I dropped one or two cylinders, idles rough and the CEL light came on. Made it to my appointment and after two hours I started it up and it seemed to run a bit...
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    Source for ZF-Scan tool for OBD1

    I'm looking for the ZF scan tool for my '94 as well.... what is the name of the facebook group page?
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    Slee 4" vs Slinky 75mm Thoughts or Experience?

    I've had two 80's W/ Slee full 6" kits but used 4" springs. Kit has the Slee front control arms and DC front shaft. I love the setup both on and off road. I test drove a rig setup w/ Slinky 75mm & Icon shocks on road and it was definitely a little more loosey-goosey at hwy speeds and that was...
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    Slee vs 4x4labs Rear Bumper

    I had Luke install his bumper on my 1st 80 and LOVED it! That truck got crushed between a semi hauling gravel and a fully loaded box truck... ;-( (BTW, had my wife been driving her Jetta she would've been mangled or dead) My new rig had a Slee bumper already on it so here are my notes: Both...
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    For Sale 97' LX450 lifted/locked/geared

    Sorry, I'm T O T A L L Y inept when it comes to PMg via the forums and such. I'll try again but in the mean time if you would, PM me with contact info. I'm "local" to you and just lost my 80 so I'm eager to get her replaced! Serious withdrawals....
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    For Sale 97' LX450 lifted/locked/geared

    PM sent...
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    "high mileage" 2003, to buy or not to buy?

    Hello All, long story short.. recently totaled my trusty and built FJ80 due to no fault of my own and was running down the path of replacing it when I started to consider moving up to a V8. My ONLY real perceived downside to the 80 was the gutless, thirsty motor. I'm ok with poor mileage as...
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    ARB vs Slee rear bumper with swing outs Advice please

    You'd be wise to consider 4x4 Labs... Luke was great to deal with and the bumper is fantastic!!! Not the cheapest option out there but one of the very best for sure.
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    Parting Out 85' FJ60, Ca

    I need both rear qtr panels, still available?
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