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    FREE Non-USA Large Front drum brake setup. [FL]

    Hey, I got dibs
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    FREE Non-USA Large Front drum brake setup. [FL]

    I know you said pickup in Orlando but I'd definitely be happy to pay you to ship them. I need those for my '69. Very cool....well, for drum brakes at least.
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    REAL TIME HELP, broken distributor. Stuck in Moab.

    You sure that's the only word?
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    Builds Picked up a Pickup

    The jeep grill looks jealous.
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    Electric power steering

    This landed in chat from a new member. A professional mechanic that has a customer that wants him to research available kits, mods, etc. @cruiserbrett feel free to delete this thread.
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    Anyone in Madison is available?

    I'm down, but i might be in Minocqua depending on when it happens.
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    300 series rumors???

    Yep. It was the rectangular headlights. 😝
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    Rear Tray Screw wont Screw!

    Rear tray? What part are you referring to? Pics would help.
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    86 4Runner Engine build

    :popcorn: Good luck and have fun. Sub'd.
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    For Sale WI: windshield frame

    Assuming you still have it.....
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    For Sale WI: windshield frame

    I could use a whole top... How much and where are you in WI?
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    fj40 wheels on fj60. Need Pics!!!

    That looks awesome.
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    Wanted FJ40 3/4 Tub in good condition

    FREE - FREE. 1971 FJ40 Tub/bulkhead. So Cal (91784)
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    Identify this engine bracket?

    I'm not with my 60 right now and this is bugging me. I'm thinking it might be the bracket that holds the temp sensor for the carb cooling fan. That's a wild guess though.
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    Oil change rookie mistake

    I always add ZDDP additive when I change oil. 2 little bottles. STP makes a ZDDP additive and I think amsoil does too. Some diesel engine oils have zinc in them. There are oil politics that I don't care to engage in, though. Most important thing IMO is to never neglect oil changes. The only...
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