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    First FZJ80, 97 40th Anniversary

    You did it the right way! I just reached everything I could with a wire wheel and a few brushes. Cleaned the surface and sprayed Corroseal. Going to paint over it next weekend, wasn’t as bad as yours but looks like you’ve got a solid Cruiser 🤙🏾
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    Buyin', Sellin', and Tradin'

    Thanks for letting me know man, found one off a parts truck.
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    Rough lx450

    Pass.. that rust is eating into the metal.
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    Hindsight Post 1FZ-FE Rebuild

    Did you go with a HB from the dealer or another source?
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    Brand Spickety New FZJ80 Owner

    Welcome man, looking forward to seeing more of the build!
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    @davidp14 who made your exhaust? I need a new one soon
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    Has anyone gone to look at this 97.. Wilmington

    Exactly, tons of hit and miss out there! I paid $700 for my current LX450, been dealing with all the surface rust issues and got a new motor for it. Figured that was a decent deal for a running/driving 80 but in the end I figure I'll spend just as much baselining the rig above as I would with...
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    Has anyone gone to look at this 97.. Wilmington

    He said the prior owner replaced all the seals for the motor when I spoke with him, including the brake system (hard lines). It has a small oil leak on the drivers side, otherwise he didn't report any issues. I was going to buy it last weekend but he had a buyer lined up and they backed out...
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    Has anyone gone to look at this 97.. Wilmington

    Hey NC crew! Life and work hasn’t afforded me much time to head to Wilmington to check this 80 out but I’m curious if anyone has gone to look at it? Been on the market for a few weeks now, motor was resealed but has a small oil leak on the driver’s side somewhere.. might head up this weekend and...
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    Took my wife to the local Pull-a-Part...

    Following! I need to do something with my drivers seat
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    Buyin', Sellin', and Tradin'

    Anyone have a spare drivers seat for a 80? Can pick up within the next week, prefer tan leather and doesn't need to be in the best of shape
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    Wanted 80 series 2.5 inch lift

    Thanks for the reply Devo, don’t want to go above 2.5 for this one
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    Wanted  80 series 2.5 inch lift

    Hey guys looking for a used 2.5 medium lift (shocks, coils and steering stabilizer) before I order something from the vendors. Figure someone out there wants to upgrade. A pic or 2 is a plus.. Have Paypal ready!
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    Dude get you a drill and wire wheel.. you’d be amazed at how much that does. Apply Corosal and POR15. Take it from a guy who sold a built 80 just to buy another one, same color and needs more work.. not to mention how much time and money it’ll take to build it. Sentimental value can’t be replaced
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