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    Bilstein 6112 Shocks / OEM Springs ...

    I installed the 5100 series rear shocks on my 2008. These helped to prevent rear sag when towing my camper. Love them!
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    headlights,dimmer relay? what gives?

    Anyone have a source for a 24V dimmer relay that will fit a 1987 BJ71?
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    Headlight Relay

    My headlights are also giving trouble, and I suspect it is the relay. Driving a 24V BJ71. Do you have a source for that 24V headlight relay under the dash?
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    Fairly Priced??? 2008 w/55k Miles | $21K

    It'd be worth a $20K offer, IMHO.
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    Name that fastener and part number

    I have found similar ones that do the job at local hardware stores such as Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace Hardware. Take an old one with you and just match it. Worked for me!
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    No Headlights

    Not the ground, not the fuses, not the lamps. Appears to be the dimmer relay. It was making a buzzing noise and I whacked it a few times and the lights came on. So I guess I'll do a parts search for that relay.
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    No Headlights

    For a week or so, my 24V BJ70 only had the right side headlight. Last night neither worked at all. No low beams and no high beams. All other lights function perfectly fine when switched on. HELP!
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    Injector Pump Rebuild

    You not going to share?
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    BJ71-24V Fuel Tank sender - part number?

    At HALF a tank as shown on the dash gage (and confirmed by kilometers travelled), the sender reads 18 ohms. This is nowhere close to 32 ohms.
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    BJ71-24V Fuel Tank sender - part number?

    UPDATE: Unplugged the tank sender and attached VOM. Then unscrewed the unit and jiggled it around until it read correctly. Screwed it back in place. All seems to be working -- at full, and at 3/4 tank. Time will tell if it continues to read correctly as I empty the tank in the coming weeks.
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    BJ71-24V Fuel Tank sender - part number?

    Thanks. Yes, I have removed it several times and both looks fine and tests fine when OUT of the tank. I'll check it next week with it still inside the tank.
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    BJ71-24V Fuel Tank sender - part number?

    Before I buy, I am still awaiting someone to give me more insight into testing the sending unit to make sure that is the problem. ANYONE?
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    BJ71-24V Fuel Tank sender - part number?

    Where did you order this unit?
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    BJ71-24V Fuel Tank sender - part number?

    I've been having trouble with my fuel gage in the past year. Dash gage registers 0 when the tank is filled, but about half way through the tank of gas, the dash gage starts to work properly. It appears to be the tank sender and not the dash unit, but I'm not certain. It might also be a...
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    Deep cycle Marine batteries in BJ70?

    NO centre tap...
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