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    SOLD  Los Angeles: FJ80 Trail Gear Front Bumper

    In service for a few years now. Added some light tabs and painted with bed liner. $250, pick up only please.
  2. Screenshot 2020-12-01 151721.jpg

    Screenshot 2020-12-01 151721.jpg

    KS Dim 2
  3. Screenshot 2020-12-01 145328.jpg

    Screenshot 2020-12-01 145328.jpg

    KS Flare Dimension
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    eBay  FZJ80 Anniversary Edition Wheels

    Not mine. A couple listed on ebay with free shipping. OEM Wheels
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    Official? SoCal craigslist thread

    Land Cruiser Seats 40th Edition Seats delivered in SoCal.. $700 for Mud
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    SOLD Los Angeles - FZJ80 40th Edition Seats

    Open to shipping.
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    SOLD  Los Angeles - FZJ80 40th Edition Seats

    Freshly cleaned and conditioned. Includes new Gamviti seat gears. Fronts are well used but still supportive. Some leather replaced by the PO. Second and third row have been in storage for the past few years. Save them all from collecting dust. Asking $650 obo for all three rows. More pictures...
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    SOLD Cloth Seats 80 Series

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    Official? SoCal craigslist thread

    Trying to sell this before I move next week.. $100 mud price Folding Seat/Bed for Van I was told it comes from a ford van. I purchased second hand thinking it would be a back seat/sleeping platform in my 80. Unfortunately, it is too big to fold or function as a seat. As a sleeping platform it...
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