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    Gamiviti install on 2017 Land Cruiser

    I have that same rack on my 2017. I also mounted the bars down and totally agree that they make great grab bars for loading and unloading. I installed it by myself without any problems. I’ve had it fully loaded on many trips. It’s a great rack.
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    Any Trekboxx owners?

    I have a Trekboxx set in my 2017, 200 series. The quality is outstanding and I am very happy with it. I did the install by myself without any issue.
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    Is this what you are looking for?
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    KDSS valve rust- WARNING

    Due to the dire warnings of rusted valves, two years ago on the same day I picked up my new 200 series I pulled the plate covering the KDSS valve and sprayed it with LPS3. Yesterday while doing some maintenance I again pulled cover to check the valve and fittings. They looked like the day they...
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    Are any of you daily driving their 80-Series?

    Yes, I drive my ‘97 FZJ80 daily. Awesome vehicle!
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    What are the third row seats worth?

    I’ve got a near perfect pair sitting in the basement. Would be happy to give them way.
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    LX570 2008 with no history

    Your “no history” comment is interesting to me. Should I ever get rid of any of my LC’s or other vehicles for that matter they will all be “no history”, however I can assure any buyer that they have all been well cared for. For example none of my LC’s have ever been to a dealer, EVER! All...
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    Removing the switch panel for brake controller install

    Have you looked through this thread Trailer Brake Controller Connector
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    Dual battery setup questions

    Many more experts than me on the dual battery setup, but I will share my experience for what it’s worth. I too run the National Luna setup as mentioned by @Overland Tailor above in my 80 series. I ran a Diehard in NL’s Portable PowerPack specifically to run my NL refrigerator. It worked fine but...
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    Easy Water Faucet on Trail/In Camp

    I’m very happy with my Kariba, however I don’t use hot water circulating directly out of the heat exchanger for a shower. It’s too easy to burn yourself if circulation slows or stops all together. I always recirculate hot water coming from the heat exchanger back into the same dispensing...
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    Dissent offroad 200 series offerings.

    I may need one. Aluminum only. Keep us posted.
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    Seat adjustment for 96 80

    I changed the seat gears yesterday in my ‘97 FZJ80. I got the parts from Gamiviti. The end caps were missing on both sides but the gears themselves were worn. The repair was easy and both sides now work just like they did when they left the factory. The instructions on Gamiviti’s website were...
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    Parting Out 94 FZJ80 + 91 FJ80 SF Bay Area

    Thank you for going through the time and effort to reply and send photos. I’m currently waiting for the insurance companies to sort this thing out. Both doors look to be in excellent shape considering. I will know soon what direction I will go on this.
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    Wanted  Drivers side door FZJ80

    Looking for a drivers side door to fit my 1997 FZJ80 that took an unfortunate hit this morning . All the components including glass are fine in my original door. I just need the shell. I’m only interested in good or better. Thanks for looking....
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    Builds indycole's 2016 200 Series Build and Retrospective

    I agree with everything @indycole said about the Alpha @TrekboxX system. I absolutely love my system but have not found the aux work station to be helpful. I just wish I had the same system in my FZJ80 and 4R, but I’m sure David would be happy to help me out. My only issue with the system and...
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