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    For Sale 2011 White Land Cruiser w/ 75k mi in Arizona - BEWARE
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Put some new tires on the 71 fj40 37x14.5x15 Toyo Open Country mt on 15x10 wheels. Also i am looking for a matching spare so if anyone knows who made these wheels let me know.
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    For Sale Atlanta, GA 1966 FJ40 Valuation?

    I have the same color 1965 fj40, with the same v8 swap, i got mine out of arizona. It has a downey like adaptor that uses the stock motor mounts on the front. I never thought they put a v8 350 from the dealer, but the person i bought it from assured me he got it from the dealer that way.
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    Wanted Want to Buy Early Model Corrugated FJ40

    still in the market
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    1965 fj40 front brake hose question

    So just to clarify the fitting that goes to the brake wheels cylinders is 10mm to 9mm on a 65 fj40. And if i use a new flexible brake fitting its 10mm into the brake wheel cylinder to 10mm is that correct? My wheel cylinders are all brand new for a 65 fj40 Thanks Matt
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    1965 fj40 front brake hose question

    I have a 1965 fj40 and am converting it from a single master cylinder to a dual master cylinder. The flexible hoses are kinda weathered. i know that they use a 9mm fitting on the hard line end. The end that goes into the brake cylinders are those also 9mm? Or can i take new flexible hoses...
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    For Sale 62 series in Bozeman MT

    Unless thats rusted out underneath that is a 20k rig all day long.
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    For Sale Local Dealer: 2008 Land Cruiser Amazon Green Knoxville, TN

    I reached out friday they said it was sold.
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    SOLD 3FE Air Flow Meter (AFM)

    I put that in my 77 3fe about 2 years ago, still works perfect. good luck
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    BaT Patina FJ40 1967 Build on BAT - Soft Top No Reserve White

    Thats awesome thanks for sharing
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    For Sale Arcata Ca 1972 fj40

    pm sent
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    Wanted  Wilwood front disc brake kit for fj40

    I am converting to disc brakes and am looking for a wilwood or JTO front disc brake kit. Need it shipped to utah 84010. For a 1965 FJ40 Let me know what you want. Its going on a daily driver. I know about upgrading etc, pm me. Thanks Matt
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    For Sale Howell TBI EFI Conversion Kit

    Sold on to new home.
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    For Sale Howell TBI EFI Conversion Kit

    $950 shipped need the room
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