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    who's installed an all aluminum tub?

    one thing that pissed me off with my gen II, sure the bolts and washers are stainless but the nuts aren't, so every nut is coated in rust and i don't even drive it in the winter. maybe been on there 3 years now
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    how big is too big

    that old body looks just like my old one , a bunch of fiberglass and sheet metal patches and about 50% of the original metal. it took about 6 small cuts with the grinder and the tub basically fell off in 4 peices. must be a Britsh Columbian thing.
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    Shopping for a Tundra?

    no, its just a limited slip on the trd tundra.
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    V6 Vortec Deal

    the tranny should be an nv3500. not the best for a cruiser IMO.
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    Cheapest aluminum tub?

    yah, i think everyone buys there tubs from aqualu. then resells them.
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    Top Speed in a 40 ?

    even with 35s and 3.73s, my 76 sounds like its gonna explode at 50 mph on the speedo (thats like 60mph corrected) and i tried passing a car once and will never do it again. plus my alloy tub gets really hot after some highway miles in the summer
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    Best Mod You Have Done

    don't get procomp springs as they are quite stiff
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    ground source heat pumps?

    i've done the ducting end of them, i'm a tin basher by trade. everyone seems to like them. all your running is a fan or pump with the in floor systems. up here we need a electric furnace for backup though as they only work to -5 degrees celsius
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    7.3 Powerstroke diesel swap?

    i've seen a 2004 f350 with 17 miles on it getting a new motor
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    aluminium tub experience

    aqualu gives you some goo to put between the firewall and the new tub (sikoflex?). you'll need a special primer for the paint if you didn't already know. if you need more info you can PM me, i've done a couple.
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    supid new guy asking tire question

    if its a 79to83 they should fit as those trucks had bigger wheelwells as long as you use narrow wheels 15x7 or less.
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    fuel pickup/return Q

    the one on the bottom is the supply
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    stiff suspension

    take it from one who knows, don't buy procomp springs either.
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    Frame differences between 40 & 45 LWB?

    on my old 45 pickup i could see the weld seam where toyota added the extra foot of frame(or what ever it was)
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    Crew tube for Spring Hangers? How to fab... Part II

    i used schedule 40 gas pipe i think it was 3/4"? inside. worked perfecty with fj40 spring bushings. i have no idea what crew tube is
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