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    Should I get a Rugged Ridge winch or entry level Warn VR EVO?

    The VR series is a decent winch for the price. I'm pretty sure that it is better than other cheap Chinese-made winches, though probably not as good as the Zeon and M series. Try to check out 4wheelonline. They have some good deals on winches. I got my Zeon from them.
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    Off Road Tires

    Had a set of Ironman All Country M/T tires. These ironman tires are good in the rocks, sand and trails but not much in mud. Right now, I'm running the STT Pro's and I'm very pleased with them. There's road noise but not irritating at all.
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    Tread cracks on BFG K02

    I've been very pleased with the BFG's also.
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    Tire Pressure recommendation

    For 285/65R18, I would put 40 to 44psi.
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    USED but new warn

    Great find. Good luck on rebuilding it.
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    Waterproofing electronics and circuits

    +1 on using dielectric grease to keep the moisture/water out.
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    One tire to do it all - snow and offroading

    Duratracs can perform well in the snow.
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    Hello I am new

    Hi, I don't have a Tacoma but I own a Tundra.
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    Best fridge / freezer poll - post reasons why you picked

    Engel all the way. We've had ours for 4 years now and have no complaints.
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    Blinker goes out...then comes back

    Check also for loose contacts in the bulb socket.
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    New Carpet Turned out Great!!

    Looks nice though a bit difficult to clean.
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    My 200s new stable mate.

    Congrats! I must say that you have a nice collection of beefy rides.
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    Continental TerrainContact and General Grabber ATX Tires on an LC200

    How's their grip on wet roads?
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    New Christmas Present

    Congrats! The GX460 can be a dependable off-road machine.
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    Suggestions: need to re-waterproof my ARB awning

    Another +1 for NeverWet. It is a good product.
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