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    Chrome Grille Guard & Front Bumper - FJ60

    I actually still have this bumper. It's sitting in my storage unit. I've moved since posting this. I'm now in Tigard, OR 97224. I got your PMs. Sorry for the late reply. Just got back from being on vacation. Let me know if you want more pictures. I can go to my storage unit and snap a...
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    A question and a little advice for furture planning

    $30,000 sounds extremely high. I paid around $5,000 for my 12H-T, H55F, & split-case t-case driveline. I paid another $5,000 for the installation. I did some of the simple work myself like pulling the 2F driveline and prepping the 12H-T. It had to be converted from 24v to 12v. Dirtgypsy...
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    ROTM: The Iron Mule (T.I.M.)

    Thanks Benjamin. Will do. :beer: Chad
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    ROTM: The Iron Mule (T.I.M.)

    Does anyone have or know where to find installation instructions for an Aussie Locker into a Full-Floater axle? I know how to install an Aussie Locker in the rear with an inspection cover and c-clips but I don't know how to install it into a FF setup. I know it can be done because I used to...
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    build up hj60

    The MAF is a replacement tank not an additional tank. Also it is only 38 gallons not 200L (53 gallons).
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    OPG's 85 FJ60

    Great price and find. Gotta love no rust and being able to pass Kalifornia Smog. Good luck with it! :beer: Chad
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    Seat upgrades

    I really like my Corbeau Baja RS seat. I have back problems and the framing around the bottom of the seat really gives me great support. I just bought the bracket they make for the 60 so that it just bolts on. I also sit higher and get a better view while off-roading. I'm sure they aren't...
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    A question and a little advice for furture planning

    Just to let you know, the 3FE is the most expensive Toyota engine to rebuild. So it ain't going to be cheap when the time comes to have it rebuilt if you go that route, especially if you are going to pay a mechanic to do it. I'd look into an engine swap if you are interested in that sort...
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    New cruiser in the stable

    Are you sure the manifold is leaking or is it the EGR pipe? Both are common exhaust leak points. I've heard bad things about the MAF header. I'd search some more about those before you pull the trigger. Good luck! :beer: Chad
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    When I was stock with 31s, I got 15 - 17. After I lifted and 35s, I got 13 - 15. With the 12H-T now, I get 20. But what is really nice about the 12H-T is the +10mpg I get off-road when the gassers are getting 3mpg. Range is really nice for off-road expeditions. But diesel is 30-40 cents...
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    Distributor Cap Snap-On Cover

    Use dielectric grease on the connections. Make sure you have an OEM cap with o-ring and everything should be fine. I initially had problems because the PO used an aftermarket cap that didn't have an o-ring and when I went through puddles I had some problems. Once I replaced the cap with an...
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    build up hj60

    Looking good. Does France have many land cruisers? Are you going to turbo it or leave it NA? Is the 200L tank an additional tank? That is cool. Do you think the tank is custom or can you buy those somewhere? Cheers. :beer: Chad
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    What to look for?

    I think you should decide first whether you want a 40 or a 60. What are you going to use it for? How many people do plan on carrying around? How long of trips do you plan to take? Are you going to get into rock crawling or more expedition/overlanding type trips? Try to figure out what it is...
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    Alaska Cruiser Trek 2011... Yes 2011!

    So how high are the rivers running? All of our rivers are at flood stages right now and very high. The snow pack is still at 180% of normal and hasn't started to really melt yet. Is it warmer up there? Did you guys get a lot of snow this winter? Just curious. :beer: Chad
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    Welcome! Cascade Cruisers meets every third Thursday of the month at Buster's in Tigard. I've been meaning to make it there but haven't yet. Cascade Cruisers has their own forum. Cascade Cruisers | Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month except December. Cruisin'...
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