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    For Sale / Wanted / Free / Trade

    Anyone selling a chainsaw or have a chainsaw they'd be interested in parting with? Primarily looking for Stihl MS261, MS361/2, or Husqvarna 550xp, 562xp. Basically a 50/60cc pro-ish level saw. Would consider others, but that's what I'm mainly looking for.
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    craigslist  1991 80 Series Knoxville TN $3500 No Affiliation

    No affiliation but could be a good buy for a running rig Interior looks to be in pretty good shape. Pics for posterity
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    For Sale MD - 1988 FJ62 H55F Expedition Rig

    I have a feeling you really need to turn this rig into a 1st gen tundra. If you're feeling the same thing, reach out! If not, GLWS and that's a lot of truck for the money!
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    craigslist No affiliation - 1993 FZJ75 - Sacramento, CA area Same rig currently listed in Nashville. Not mine, no affiliation, likely would not affiliate if I could afford it as well, but it is clean.
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    eBay Tennessee 1977 HJ-45 Diesel

    Just down the street from my parent’s house. My brother said he saw it this weekend
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    craigslist HJ45 Troopy Chattanooga, Tn

    Post it in the STLCA chattanooga clubhouse, they might know better
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    craigslist 1987 HJ75 12HT RHD Dallas, TX

    If I were in a buying position, this would be my next DD
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    craigslist  1987 HJ75 12HT RHD Dallas, TX

    Not mine, wish it were. I believe it belongs to @joekatana Would be a great rig from what I can tell. No affiliation, GLWS
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    For Sale Toyota Land Cruiser 75 Series Troop Carrier Texas btuman Now on BAT
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    craigslist Anybody know this truck? (Denver area CL) Not mine but along the right lines
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    craigslist HJ45 Troopy Chattanooga, Tn

    I remember when it started popping up around Chattanoga (if it's the troopy I'm thinking of). I had a yellow troopy at the time and people would always ask about "the other one of these in town". Good luck with the sale. Seems like an honest price for an honest rig
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    craigslist  HJ45 Troopy Chattanooga, Tn

    No affiliation. Saw this on Atl craigslist but it’s located in Chattanooga, Tn H motor, rust, but not an absurd price. Good luck if you’re looking!
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    craigslist  2 for sale in Cincinnati, Oh

    Saw this in my craigslist cruising (no pun intended) Could be a good buy, could be crap, who knows? If someone inquires, update us. No affiliation
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    Trade 2003 Tundra for Your 60

    PM me some details and pictures whenever you get a chance
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    For Sale 1985 Hilux STD Cab 4x4 - Chicago Area

    Yeah I don't jump straight to a scam, but I spend way too much time on craigslist and fancy myself as a bit of an expert. Couple giveaways for me are single picture, minimal description, listing in auto parts (skirting the $5 fee to list a car (not uncommon by legitimate sellers, but something...
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