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    craigslist 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 RESTORED

    Must be a "Fair Weather" truck being there is no w/s wipers or heater... some loom over the wiring would be a nice touch.
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    Wanted 95-97 80 front bumper

    Everthing metal(used) I bought from cruiser parts has been rusted to hell.
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    FJ60 - $3000 (East Austin)

    Johnny @ The Rat Hole!!!
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    new plates on the FJ40

    Something relating to "Catch Me on Ebay" would be more appropriate.
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    FJ45 Is Down

    grant5127 has his shop up and going out in Meridian, he may be able to help.
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    Anyone know this 40?

    Mark scores again!
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    77 fj-40 need it gone fast

    I remember looking at that cruiser when it was at Wimberley 4x4. Grant was checking out a issue it had with oil in the air cleaner caused by blow by. I think it had 2 weak cylinders at the time.
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    what to do with tweety...

    Looks like he could use both. :hhmm:
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    Local shop for re-arching leaf springs?

    Re-arching springs is only a temporary fix. They will sag out in about a year, less if used hard.
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    FJ 40 Tub Aluminm vs. Steel

    . There is one common myth about aluminum body tubs: Where aluminum and steel meet, electrolysis will occur and weaken the metals. It is scientifically true that electrolysis will occur between different metals, but it's only a significant factor in marine construction where the metals are...
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    real steel body parts

    Come on Grant, knowing your history with cruisers and I admit you have installed more than a dozen sills in the past why are you posting on here like you don't have a clue whats wrong:confused:
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    real steel body parts

    :eek: That thing should have never left the warehouse. Where is the quality control :hhmm:
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    F engine block flush/ muriatic acid

    Well I tried the m-acid flush once and it turned the back side of the freeze plugs black and eventually caused premature failure. Come to find out the plugs have a zinc coating on them and zinc doesn't play well with the acid:frown:
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    eBay 75 FJ40 with extra parts

    What bank does that? I never been able to open an account without putting some $$ in it...
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    6 shooter knuckles.............

    Texican, when installing the 6-shooter knuckles how did you go about centering the knuckle in relation to the housing? :hhmm:
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