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    For Sale [OR] FJ60/62 Poly Performance Rear Axles

    Price Reduced Want to get these out of my garage...:deadhorse: Sale price is $300 firm with FREE SHIPPING
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    For Sale [OR] FJ60/62 Poly Performance Rear Axles

    Sorry for the delay! Photos attached.
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    For Sale  [OR] FJ60/62 Poly Performance Rear Axles

    Have some new (unused) Poly Performance chromoly rear axles (pair) for FJ60 or FJ62 LandCruiser. New studs pressed and ready for installation! Any questions, feel free to PM me... Price: $350 w/ FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 -Dirty
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    Real Time Help Removing Drive Shafts

    Sometimes they get a bit sticky via a grease weld. Often, I'll use a small pry bar to get it to compress and hit it with a rubber mallet.
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    Chasing an electrical gremlin

    Im pretty certain that its a grounding issue, but am trying to figure out where in the electrical charts would do this...of course, I go get milk this morning and everything works fine.
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    Chasing an electrical gremlin

    Okay, so last week I noticed that my radio turned off while driving, but turned back on a few seconds later (but was reset). A few days ago my dash lighting, clock, heater fan, and radio are all out and the dome light is having some issues. Blinkers, windows, door locks, headlights, horn, and...
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    I screwed up my 90 fj-62

    Have you checked the fusible links? Pretty common failure, and I can only imagine if the battery "moved" it would put tremendous strain on the links/battery cables (check your grounds).
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    my 60 hits the escalator on hell's revenge

    Mall Rated Tough:flipoff2:
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    what is the best place to get arb bumper??

    Kurt @ Cruiser Outfitters X 2 Best prices by far...
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    FJ62 rolled:/

    Damn man. There's NO WAY I'm loaning you my keys anytime soon...How the? No, I cant dare ask...REALLY? I mean, its flat, and its a Cruiser. What did you tell the Honda recovery crew? :princess::flipoff2:
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    Front inner shaft STUCK!! What???

    I think Im picturing what you're about welding a "pull tab"?
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    3FE running like a hot rod

    Second the fuel filter and general fluids...nothing special about these motors.
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    Bad news from the machine shop

    Lucky. Youre near Kurt! Actually, parts can be found. Dont lose hope so soon. Your Cruiser and its extended family will get you hooked up. Welcome!;)
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    Wiring the LT1/4L60e

    Okay. So I figured that I'd add this for our Cruisin' Community... For those installing LT1/350 motors and trying to figure out how to wire the 4L60e transmission for lock up, you need to get a relay (Bosch 961A-1C-12DM) that's available at any auto stereo shop (often used for remote start...
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    Is my windshield leaking?

    Yeah, I was having this problem a few years ago. Cleaned out the vents and was amazed at how much junk was in there! Pressurized air and wet dry vac made the job easier.
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