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    For Sale Super clean 1970 FJ40 in Reno

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    For Sale Super clean 1970 FJ40 in Reno

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    For Sale  Super clean 1970 FJ40 in Reno

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    FJ40 Build - Hell's Kitchen

    After cutting the rear frame section and the front frame horns, how much more effort do you estimate it would be to build an entirely new frame? You mentioned the packaging issues regarding the frame interference with the steering and I was wondering if a new frame is a possible solution. Have...
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    FJ40 Build - Hell's Kitchen

    So you are using a single ended ram and an orbital valve? Will this Cruiser be street driven? What prevented the use of a steering box?
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    Tire opinions - northern Nevada climate

    I agree with Max on the Load Range E. On a heavy 80 Series I feel that this perhaps the biggest factor. I have had great experience with General Grabber AT2s and they are very reasonably priced. The Michelin LTX ATs are great tires too and have a reputation for long tread life, but come at...
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    Deer valley and slick rock 6/13

    I love this area, particularly this time of year. Unfortunately I am on the hook to help a friend move on this weekend or I would be there. Have a great time guys and post up lots of pics.
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    It's official we're moving to the area!

    Congrats, there is great wheeling/camping/fishing around the Elko area. It is a hidden gem to be certain.
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    2014 stockton cruiser swap meet!!!!!

    I was hoping to go but did not realize that this fell right before Easter Jeep Safari. I am headed to Moab on Saturday so I will not be able to make it. Bummer because I seem to have plenty of tires and parts to sell!
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    '96 axles for sale $400 if you come get them

    Put me in line, I can come pick them up and pay cash.
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    2014 stockton cruiser swap meet!!!!!

    I would like to make it to this. I have a few things to sell and a few things I am looking for.
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    Going to be in the Reno area Feb 5-8

    I'll be out of town the first week in February or I would be happy to meet up. I don't think that you can go wrong with either Boise or Reno, they have a lot of things in common. If I were in your situation I would probably choose the one with the best job options.
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    Moab 2013

    I am always up for a trip to Moab! Can't promise that I will bring a Toyota though...
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    Fordycd in jan?!?

    J and I were up at the top of the trail right before Thanksgiving and there was a fair amount of snow up there, but it hasn't snowed since so who knows. Going in to Fordyce in January kind of sounds like the start of a bad story to me though, I'll wait a few months... Plenty of trails on the...
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    Mud sweat And gears

    Pretty fun. :D
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