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    so when I tied the factory headlight harness back I also tied the DRL harness back too.... Finally getting rid of those pesky Day time running lights...the bulb sockets for the DRLs are burnt and warped where they wont seal to the housing any...
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    the ground placement and the reason I installed HD harness. The oem plugs where like that for the high, low, and DRL
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    100/90w HD wire harness and 100w high beams HD wire harness from LMC, looks like something form Aliexpress but its all there and the harness is just long enough to run it in the factory position. pretty painless install, I also installed some...
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    any one know anything about these wheels I've seen a couple of trucks local with them and always thought they were OEM on some GMT400s but I guess not I cannot find anything about them.....If I go with the 255/85s on the suburban I would also...
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    I you install just the corvette servo it will quicken the 1-2 shift. and its super easy and cheap to do.
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    no more front axle noise.... so I took the long weekend and a couple more days to go out and use the truck for what its for, didn't catch many fish but got some miles in on the water didn't realize how out of shape I'm in..
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    ] LOL yeah the ripe old age of 32 when I had the stroke...
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    Passenger side bearing is a SCH 208 Driver side bearing is a SCE 2010 or B 2010
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    Got it out I used a strap and pulled it until I started sliding the sub and jack stands on the concrete, pounded one side of a pickle fork behind the flange, and then beat it with the slide hammer about 30 whacks and it finally came out. Now I...
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    After looking at some pictures of people rebuilding the a 8.25 clamshell I realize why the thrust washer is the way it is...some previous owner/mechanic tried to use a slide hammer to pull the long axle out and therefore screwed the washer. The...
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    I figured out where the sliver came from its from what I would call a thrust washer with 2 ears on it....mine was cone shapped into the axle shaft housing no ears left on it..don't know what caused it but now I need to find one. Its #8 in the photo.
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    Thanks kevin yeah I don't know what happened there....Oh I would love to have an AWD Chevy express they are sweet expecially if you do the part time swap torsion bar keys in the front and 2500 suburban springs in the back I almost bet you could...
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    I hit a road block with the short side shaft...the keeper must me messed up because I've beat on this thing for the past 3 hours and cannot get it to budge. I thought it was because the long side housing was off and the bushings were obsorbing...
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    Started working on the front axle shaft bearing...tore into the long side first and I hope the short side is as easy... only worry is the sliver I found in the disconnect section of the housing... the bearing on the long side was bad but not that...
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    Great drawer system!
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    dirtdobberoffroad reacted to carbon60's post in the thread Overlanding kitchen build with Haha Haha.
    Asking an 80 owner how heavy their gear is, is like asking a lady if she's pregnant…
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    I was planning on making it this year but wont have my suburban built by then...
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    here is one of the first drive with the shift kit installed.....If you have a 4l60e you know how long the 1-2 shift is so this will show the how quick it shifts now.
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    Thanks Numby, yes I have almost fully recovered from the stroke I still stutter and stammer on words but I did that before but not a bad...thanks for the reply I didn't know if there was any body watching the GM threads.. LOL For a update on...
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    So remember the blower motor fan problem, I now have another problem...….Lets start with the trans cooler install ( see where this is going). I pulled the grill out and thought I'm going to just run the two cooler together why not, only problem...
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    tore it all down and started back with the corvette servo, it has you cut four oil passages in the plate I started out with a large file and cut small squares in it only to find out they were covered by the snap ring when installed so I broke out...
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    I bought the Oregon performance transmission stage one kit (transgo shift kit, with Sonnax goodies, and a transgo hardened separator plate), to start off the drain plug would not come out and I rounded the plug off (its soft), so I pulled the...
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    Completed the shift kit it was pretty easy the only thing was Transgo and Sonnax differed on some of the directions so I went with the Transgo directions. All seems good. The shift is quicker when driving normal but doesn't shift hard, at...
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