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    LC100/LX470 Part-Time Conversion Discussion

    Kurt, not to hijack but the odds of this working on a GX are slim and none, or a comparable kit? Just wondering. Thx!
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    Where is the air suspension relay???

    If it helps... This is awesome related to possible modifications. Basically I removed all traces, the bracket, air lines, compressor, and wiring probably like many people. It took me about 2-3 hours only to do the whole rear. I used the MetalTech delete kit (highly recommend) which I ordered...
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    Where is the air suspension relay???

    Old post but I thought I'd update. I installed mine yesterday (psyched!) with old man emu. There are three fuses plus the relay. You can pull just the fuses and be OK. These are in the large fuse box under the hood. There is a 50amp fuse that powers the compressor. Then there is a 10amp air...
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    how to tell if timing belt is done..

    When the timing belt is done, the main belt is done too. if you see signs of cracks in the main belt, this is often a sign the main one hasn't been done. That's usually the best initial way to tell. I just bought a GX with 98K that claimed it had just been done. I made the dealership track...
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    Bilstein 6112 front/5100 rear with stock air bags?

    I hate the puck systems but maybe it just makes sense to shim / add a spacer assuming this GX comes with the AHC (I honestly don't know if it will), if that's what I'm looking for. I did this on my XREAS 4 Runner, I added just a 1" puck for about 1.75" up front, turned out awesome according...
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    Bilstein 6112 front/5100 rear with stock air bags?

    Yup, correct it's xreas. I put the deposit down today. All ears on recommendations for best handling while having a 2-3" lift, and if the bilstein / factory airbag is a good combo. Thanks again
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    GX470 headers 06+

    How was the power increase with the Doug Thorley headers? Noticeable? Im at 6500 feel (so I'm about 25% low reduced on power at elevation). If I could squeak a little more power like of the truck at highway speak, I'd be ecstatic. That said it's pretty close to good but the truck as the...
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    Bilstein 6112 front/5100 rear with stock air bags?

    Following this thread closely = totally rad. Looks like I'll be picking up a '06 GX - I found a super clean one with 86K miles, and no nav. I'm ecstatic! I'm coming from a Sport Edition '05 V8 Runner with the hydraulically-connected shock system (XREAS) that makes it handle almost like a...
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    For Sale FJ62 with Isuzu Diesel 4BD1T

    Driven this vehicle extensively and assisted with the diesel conversion, 8 years ago or so? It is super solid and possibly one of the cleanest 62s around, no rust at all and all original. Worth $17k easily in my opinion... Very sound driver too, totally daily driveable. Hope it helps, Andre
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    Biodiesel Piggie #2 Buildup (was Sad Sad day...)

    Unfortunately life just shifted, way less time, I am running not one but two businesses now and things and priorities have changed. About a year ago or two I sold the remainder of the project to my good friend Jake Smith / UglyOinker who has the frame and body (along with dozens of other...
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    FORUM CLOSING - time to upgrade!

    wow - good luck Brian! Big move / hope it goes well & smoothly... :)
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    Immaculate Glove Box Pad & Speedo.

    Sweet TJ - sent you an email back.. In great shape across the board. Believe it's 74 but may be wrong.. Willing to take additional photos including the speedo port.. thanks!
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    Immaculate Glove Box Pad & Speedo.

    SOLD Super clean speedo and glove box pad/cover for a FJ55. $100 Shipped in the continental US. paypal to to take them. Not willing to separate. more photos here thanks!
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    For Sale  [UT] FJ55 Speedo & Glove Box Cover

    SOLD Super clean speedo and dash pads for a FJ55. $100 Shipped. paypal to to take them. Not willing to seperate. more photos here thanks!
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    285/75r16 with no lift?

    a good size (e rated only though) is 235 85 R 16. 1" narrower than 265. Might be a better option to prevent rubbing...
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