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    1990 JDM HDJ81 front calipers - Pre or Post 1993 FJ80 size?

    Hey guys, got a 1990 JDM HDJ81 that needs front calipers. Can't seem to find part numbers. My first thought was 92 style FJ80 fronts but mine came with 16" rims not 15 and manual locking front hubs. wonder if that makes any difference? Thnx in advance
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    Please help! Bj40 starts and dies in 4 seconds with white smoke

    Check the dipstick, does it smell like anti-freeze? the first thing i would always do is take a jug of clean diesel and run it straight to the injection pump. Eliminate the possibility of dirt or air in the fuel system.
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    Anyone got info on the diesel Hiace 4 door carry trucks?

    Looove my HDJ81 but I need an open box truck and a chev won't do, I want old school and dead simple. Been eyeing these beauties. They have the 2L and 5 speed standard in them so I'm assuming they race them quarter mile. Looks like solid leaf rear and maybe the rugged 4 runner IFS? 8" rear? Only...
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    gears for 35s and a 1hdt?

    I have a JDM 1990 HDJ81 with a manual 5 speed and factory 4.11's on 33 inch patagonias . It is geared too low for my liking on the highway, ton of grunt off road and rural pave. 35''s with stock 4.11''s would be perfect imo. Btw euro hdj manual trucks came with 3.7's apparently.
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    source for HDJ81 Headlights with built in fog detector and fog bulbs

    My stupidity could be a blessing tho at least. I just need to find any light with a fog light inside and should be plug and play. I don't gIve a dang about sprayers lol
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    source for HDJ81 Headlights with built in fog detector and fog bulbs

    Or did I hit a switch I didn't know I had a couple times in the fog ? Lol. This could be embarrassing ..
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    source for HDJ81 Headlights with built in fog detector and fog bulbs

    That's what I thought they were initially but I googled somewhere that they turn on the fog lights ? I have no fog switch but the lights come on when foggy. So confused :P
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    source for HDJ81 Headlights with built in fog detector and fog bulbs

    Interesting, what year is yours? U can see the sensor sticking out of the casing in the pic I posted. There's a rubber tube that runs to it. Thinking moisture runs down the tube and somehow closes a connection and turns on the lights. Didn't even realise what they were until one day noticed the...
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    source for HDJ81 Headlights with built in fog detector and fog bulbs

    Anyone know where to find these? The ones with the moisture detectors or whatever that turn on the fog lights automatically. Need the left side as shown in pic
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    Wanted  1990 HDJ81 RHD Left Headlight Can or US

    Hi guys looking for a left headlight for Hdj81 (and an all orange corner light would be great as well) Thesee headlights have the moisture detector doohickys and built in fog light bulbs. Found a set on ebay but they won't separate so I'd thought I'd try to find just the left on here. I have...
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    Project HJ: 24v - 12v power supply

    so i feel compelled to ask again, are u sure it's 24v? I thought all euro and middles eastern lefties were 12v? One of my dream trucks is an HJ61 LHD 12volt 5 speed standard with dual cable lockers!
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    1993 FZJ70 Ebay scam?
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    Project HJ: 24v - 12v power supply

    BTW I bought the cheapest converter on ebay and it lasted for years, forget which brand..
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    Project HJ: 24v - 12v power supply

    First off its a euro truck, are u sure it's 24v? If it is just run a wire directly from your high side battery to the converter. Youll only run into drainage problems if u run 12v power from a battery and not 24.
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    1990 HDJ81 Winsheild & Gasket identical to 96/97 LX450?

    Just went out to look at mine and I notice the lx are just black without the chrome strip mine has. Wonder if that accounts for the different part numbers
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