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    Programming a Transponder Key for 99 TLC

    System schematics Wow! What a pile of BS. Electronic remote/transponder/duhicky thimabobs. A buddy of mine lost his 2003 LC keys and we are now going thru this crap; secruity my ass. Altho the thread is super important; has anyone considered looking into a go-around fix. Maybe a wiring mod that...
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    First impression - 40" Rigid Industries combo LED lightbar

    Amazing, wonder what current is drawn with the LED's? dfm
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Gas cap Playing reset-rebuild computer. Got a flakey gas cap. ...
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    Clusters, Gauges, Speedo & Odo meters

    Ref:Post#92 & my 1979-80 FJ40. My '79 FJ40 with about 83000 miles on the meter has a totally stock ammeter. I have owned the money pit from new and the ammeter never deflected much at all. This is true this date as in 1980 as a new vehicle. To test the ammeter I disable engine starting...
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    Newly infected with the FJ 40 bug.

    Somewhere on here I posted a list of manuals that u will find mucho helpful. Do a search for these.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Moved the FJ40 to the Evergreen mountains where it belongs - it likes it here; except for the engine tuning. Needs some carb tweek at 8200 ft amsl.
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    Electric vs Manual fuel pump

    Like Steamer says; I've been using my electric for years as a vapor lock aid and fuel bowl primer. I also have installed insulation on the fuel line. However, I think its important to keep a few new manual pumps on hand - Toyota brand quality is hard to beat.
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    And so it begins: My first 94 FZJ80

    Nice find. Most important is front end maintenance. New seals and syn-grease. Rear seals as well. Next , look into DBA rotors and FJ100 pads in front, FJ80 stock in rear. 94 LC brakes are not as good as new models. The money pit begins
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    Unbalanceable tires now smooth as glass!!!

    Thx ws; will use that idea on my FJ40
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    Window channel weathersripping

    Dealers still stock all the parts for a widow rebuild! ...
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    Carb question on my 79

    My '79 will do the same thing; so here's what I have done. Install an inline electric fuel pump. Insulate the fuel line from stock pump all the way to the carb. See: Bentley-Harris Convoshield – Protective Chrome Tubing for Hoses and Wires This will help, but may not cure the problem...
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    Need help with a Big Oil Leak

    It might be possible the the drain plug seal is worn out and leaking. The other problem could be engine failure; ie, oil rings, head gasket failure. ...
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    craigslist 1982 fj40 w/ plow

    That beauty will need a lot of work, me thinks...
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    270A Alternator installed, but still not 14.4V

    Be thankful ur seeing what u are reading. 13.6-13-8 idle charge voltage is perfect. If the alternator is working correctly, u will see, upon starting the FZJ80, a voltage spike to ~15.5 volts - which will rapidly drop to 14.2 volts and then more slowly to 13.8. If u see a voltage of , say , 14.5...
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    What did an early-mid 60's FJ40 cost new?

    I think I paid ~$2800 for my 1968...
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