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    3B water pump pulley differences????

    For references this website has each 3b water pump photographed and described. Fan clutch/non fan clutch types are not necessarily interchangeable.
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    1HD-T Engine Decal: Any Sources?

    I found it for sale here, but I don't fully understand if they would ship world wide or if this a legitimate business.
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    1HD-T Engine Decal: Any Sources?

    I'm curious about this too and would love to have one, although I've never even seen a picture of a 1hdt decal like that... would be really cool. @CaptBeardilocks do you have a full part number?
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    Wanted  60 series knuckle and hub assemblies for front disc brake conversion (manual locking)

    Finally breaking down and converting the front drums on my 89 70 series to disc. OEM or aftermarket parts do not seem to be available for front drums on a 60 or 70 series anymore and it's past due for a brake job. It seems it will be easiest and cheapest to get the entire knuckle and hub...
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    Wiper issues - only shut off when motor is unplugged

    Wanted to post this for documentation sake. The relay was not causing this problem, it started happening again shortly after and was intermittent but mostly faulty so the motor had to remain unplugged. Things fell through with the electrician so I went through and made repairs to the harness...
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    Megacruiser in Westchester California

    That is a lot of money for questionably imported dolled up military vehicle. I don't know anything about those people but their ad for the HZJ75 is pretty funny - "None of these (no real ones) are in the USA that I am aware of." It's like craigslist spam.
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    Megacruiser in Westchester California

    Westchester in Los Angeles, California. How LA of me. Updated the title. I've also seen multiple troopies outside of this house over the years but I don't know who the owner is. Would love to know what they're up to.
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    Megacruiser in Westchester California

    Don't know the best place for this post, but spotted this beauty today by my friends house. Would this be one of the first on the road in the US?
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    What is it? Voodoo charm? Lost necklace?

    Maybe those are desiccant balls? Previous owner wanted to keep humidity out of the air box. My guess.. never heard of anyone doing anything like that though.
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    Comment by 'dcruiser666' in media 'IMG_20200823_111628.jpg'

    Cool, no problem. I'll be in touch
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