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    When to perform knuckle rebuild? mileage or year interval

    New brake pad thickness is about 10 or 11mm. From the look of those pics it seems like it would be a good idea to service the knuckles soon, I have seen far worse. It does look like you have some grease that is contaminated seeping from the knuckles.
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    Recommend a Cruiser Mechanic in your area

    We have been working on Cruisers since 1981. Give us a call if you need your Toyota 4X4 repaired. CTS in Conifer, CO. (303)838-4772 we are about 30 miles SW of Denver.
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    New Project 63 Chevy 4x4

    63 Chevy truck Hi Larry. I saw your 63 Chevy build here, and I have also recently built a 63 4X4 Chevy shortbed. I have some extra parts if you need them. Is your truck an original 4wd? I can send you some pics of mine if you would like to check it out. I would also like to see some more pics...
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