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    here's my situation

    All right guys I have a 74 fj55 and I was having some dist. problems so I got a new one from NAPA and the and it was 4milimeters too short and didnt reach the oil pump so the engine almost locked up. so I called them and got another one (the same part # ) and it was correct, I put it in and...
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    which distributor

    toyota epc and my haynes/chiltons manuals refer to my set up as advance, mine is on the front side of the dist, but really who knows what the PO put in there has anyone had luck with used or should i go with a new oe style/aftermarket
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    which distributor

    hey, on my 74 '55 my vac advance doenst hold vacuum and the dist shaft has excessive play. I have the pertronix kit already so should i get another 74 and down dist and convert it or should i go with a newer set up. :beer: thanks
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    internal external resistor

    I've got 74 fj55 with the pertronix elect ignition kit should i use a coil with an internal or external resistor. My old resistor was shot so i got a coil with an internal resistor but i was wondering if i should go back to the old setup with a new resistor. thanks
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    bad piggy

    I did have a fuel press regulator on and it didnt seem to help the weber was still flooding but i may put it back on and try again, it cant hurt. I'll have to check the vac advance, timing is the next thing i am doing. i only get to really work on it 1-2 times a week, the bad part is i have rear...
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    bad piggy

    Hey guys i've got a 74 fj55 and the thing starts,idles fine but now all of a sudden it sputters and misses under a load. I have put on a new weber, pertonix ignition, fuel filter, i rebuilt the fuel pump. The plugs look fine and were just replaced maybe 1000 miles ago, the wires,cap,rotor have...
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    Mini truck front disks or whole new axle

    I did the mini truck on mine and love it. I paid $150 for the whole set up and then turned around and sold the housing and third member for $100. If you can find an 85 the housing is reinforced and probably easy to get rid of
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    toyota wheel cylinders

    hey guys i have 4 brand new in the box toyota factory wheel cylinders these are for the front but will work for the rear as well and will fit all 70's model 40/55s i'd like $120 as these things list for $78 each but dont be afraid to make an offer. i bought all eight and ended up doing mini...
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    Valentine's Day drawing.

    i'm in on that :D
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    Weber carb issues, climbing steep angles

    i have a 74 with 32/36 weber carb on it I know its different but i placed a T betweeen the pump and the carb with a line returning to the fuel return on the tank and all the excess fuel goes back to the tank and seems to work great. i was busting my head at first with a pressure regulator and...
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    Asain Carb Identification Help

    any pictures? if not try looking on and match it up they have good 360 degree pictures of most all the stock carbs
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    Pertronix conversion

    i love mine no problems at all since install :beer:
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    gasket p/n??

    harrisonburg there is some halfway decent trails around here on the border of va\wva i have a 74 fj55 if you're in the area you should stop by the dealer im always here happy new year kenny
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    gasket p/n??

    i work parts for a dealer in va so feel free to call on me too
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    gasket p/n??

    toyota part#16343-60011 70-80 f&2f
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