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    For Sale North Idaho: 1977 Aqualu Aluminum Body FJ40

    More photos
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    For Sale  North Idaho: 1977 Aqualu Aluminum Body FJ40

    Located in Sandpoint ID at The Landcruiser Shop PRICE: $29,500 HELPING A CUSTOMER SELL THIS VEHICLE, THIS IS NOT A SHOP BUILT TRUCK NOR DOES IT REFLECT OUR QUALITY OF WORK. Clean titled 1977 chassis with an Aqualu built all aluminum tub, fenders, tailgate body. Windshield/hood/grill are Toyota...
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    CRUISER MECHANICS - Listed by State

    One to add. We are a full frame off restoration, service and off road shop located in Sandpoint Idaho. The Land Cruiser Shop 89 McGhee Road Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-610-4086 @thelandcruisershop on instagram and facebook
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    Wanted Sandpoint: Look for 4 door 70 series pickup

    Can you send some photos
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    Wanted Sandpoint: Look for 4 door 70 series pickup

    Are you looking to sell it? Can you send some pics if you are? Thank you, Joe
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    FJ62 LS3/T56 swap, costs, etc.

    Any of the GM "LS" motors fit nicely in an FJ60 and offer a big upgrade in fuel mileage, power, etc. An LS3 is an all aluminum 6.2L motor featured in the Corvette. The basic LS3 starts at 430hp, and crate motors are available up to 525hp. The motor alone is $8000 - $11,000, plus mounts, wiring...
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    Is there a way to tell from the exterior that an 80 series axle has an e-locker in it? Would you look for the actuator?

    The housings should have an actuator motor near/on the 3rd member.
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    Wanted Sandpoint: Look for 4 door 70 series pickup

    Yes, it's rare but it wouldn't be holy grail if it wasn't.
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    Help with a FJ60 test drive

    Sure. 89 McGhee Road, Unit A, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 We charge 2 hours of shop time for PPI. We are very thorough and provide a typed up report that goes through almost every major mechanical system. Call us at the shop 208-610-4086 to set an appointment and discuss further.
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    Help with a FJ60 test drive

    Hi Spaceboy, we do PPI on vehicles, our shop is about an hour from Spokane. If you could get the seller to bring the vehicle to us we could run through everything for you.
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    Wanted  Sandpoint: Look for 4 door 70 series pickup

    Title says it all. Looking to do a 4 door pickup build. It'd be nice if it had a 12ht/1hz drivetrain but gas is okay too. Looking for a body that's in decent shape, some rust okay, interior doesn't matter as we will most likely be doing a LHD conversion and aftermarket seats, etc. Not looking...
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    SOLD Meano 75 series dual cab body, so cal

    Tried to send a PM, please reach out, I am interested.
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    80 Series Aftermarket Gauge Choices & Mounting Options

    Using the Dakota Digital cluster BIM module you can display boost directly on HDX display.
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    Crap - Body seam rust

    Sounds good man, would love to take a look.
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