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    Load Range B,C,D or E

    It’s too bulky to carry 4 offroad tires and too much work to swap them at the trail. But that’s just me. I had been thinking of something less than e rated, but when a rock garden shows up on the trail...I’m glad I have e rated. It would suck to get two flats and be stranded miles from help...
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    Thinking about a GX need suspension advice

    You sound like you know what you want. If you need more background info on suspensions with a lift, try reading this post: GX470 Primer for the Ideal Mild-Build for Under $3000 Most used Gx470 have a front suspension that’s already sagging anywhere from 1” to 2”, so any new front coils will...
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    Navigation ECU location?

    Great. I just removed the "MAYDAY" fuse #35 described above and my annoying Lexus Link System Error is no longer vocalized on every start. This is for a 2003 GX470.
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    The Stealership

    I've had bad and good experiences with dealers. Miller Toyota in SLC fixed my radiator on the first try and even accepted a 94 radiator from cdan. Repair was a little more than I wanted, but great work and great customer service. Also, cdan has great prices and great customer service and...
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    Slider installation question

    Oh, so that's what in those lines :-) I did push the brake lines back into the plastic clip, so I'll pop them back out so they are not touching the u-bolts. I'll also work at getting the 3rd u-bolt under the brake lines to avoid losing my rear brakes. Thanks again...
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    Slider installation question

    I'm reviving this thread because it's the one I found on installing Hanna's sliders. On the driver's side, I was able to slide 2 u-bolts under the lines. However, I popped the lines back into place and they are touching the u-bolts. Cruiserdan says they lines shouldn't touch the u-bolts...
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    4 SALE '93 FZJ80 Rubicon Ready!!!

    OMG...why do i even bother to build mine up...this one is a steal. unfortunately, i just ordered hanna sliders and last month i got a new front bumper and a lift...arrrrgh...good luck with the sale...this is a great deal. if you want to sell fast, you need to post it on craigslist, ebay...
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    Need bolts for catalytic converter

    I just paid for the Hanna Sliders, so I should have them this weekend.
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    Need bolts for catalytic converter

    It happened again -- this time while parked in a residential area near the train station. They took 3 bolts and couldn't take out the rusted one out, so they left the cats without 3 bolts. This time I'm going to get the bolts soldered and I'm going to get the rock sliders with cat protection...
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    Saved by the Scangauge II

    Scangauge II seems like a great investment. It sounds so cool to be able to monitor what's going on in the engine. I've seen on e-bay some vendors advertise the software version like 3.15, but I was wondering how easy it was to upgrade the software in case I get one with an older software.
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    I have 7K to build up my 80 and need advice

    GuamBomb, Your list looks good. Doing a 2.5" lift and staying with 33" tires saves you some money because you don't need to re-gear and you don't need to replace all the other suspension related parts required when you go higher than 2.5" lift. Since you want the heavy suspension, then you...
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    front speaker replacement with 5 1/4 inch speaker

    Front doors: Alpine SPS-130A, 5 1/4", 92dB, 30w RMS, $55/pair That was the price from 2 years ago w/free shipping. These were 2-way speakers and the top mount was 1 15/16 or essentially 2-inches deep. I cut some synthetic wine corks to about 3/8" in length and used them as spacers to fit...
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    Stock Location Mounted Powered Sub (bolt-on) and New Stereo

    So, how exactly is the new subwoofer wired? Did you completely bypass the stock amp?
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    front speaker replacement with 5 1/4 inch speaker

    I replaced my front speakers with Alpine's 5 1/4 and they were much better than the stock speakers. I was able to reuse the stock grills. I also replaced the speakers on the back doors 4" Alpines, but those didn't make much of a difference as replacing the fronts. I'm still using the stock head...
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    Trail Riding + Towing

    There are at least 3 gas stations inside Death Valley at Panamint Springs, Stovepipe Wells, and Furnace Creek. You can also get good info at especially with the experts in the DV Talk Forum. As others have mentioned, the reason to get an 80 is to drive in relative comfort to...
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