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    show us your kayak/canoe mounts or methods

    They must make them soft up there, 5 people to lift a kayak on the roof, pfft. Im guessing they were trying to get a family activity shot for the article, but I had to call it.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    You putting two of them in? Curious about where you drill/tap for the fittings. I need to do this one day on my 5.9 as my air compressor is my Achilles heel
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    NEVER QUIT Overland's Extreme Isuzu NPR Build & 4x4 Conversion

    It looks good, like a lot of thought and work has gone into it so far. Do you have two layers for the cross members? Coming from a place where the roads are heavily salted/gravelled in the winter I can see some cons. Also, why not just weld and paint? Powder coat is good, but my instinct is to...
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    1992 Factory Service Manual?

    I have the manuals in PDF, I would not sell them, and I probably can't say out loud on a public forum that I would reproduce or share them... read between the lines and feel free to PM me
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    What is the weakest link in my motorcycle "hitch motocarrier system" with extension?

    I added two receiver hitch square tube sections into my bumper, part of the structure that extends onto the frame rail, don't have a pic handy off the top, but it would just look like two pockets. Anyways, I thought it would be handy to have, and scratched together a carrier basket/tray that...
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    Another Mt Bike carry solution using old style Slee Bumper

    Right on, let us know how it goes. I also see the advantage of having it up higher for departure scrub, but then again it doesn't really make sense to take all that wheeling. I like the idea of having the bike rack on a swingout as well, but I hardly ever take a bike on the back of a vehicle...
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    Another Mt Bike carry solution using old style Slee Bumper

    Cool, may I ask why your preference is to mount so high, versus an extension from the receiver hitch and mounting at conventional heights? I asked a similar question recently as I was debating adding a bike hitch to the swing out, but the consensus was that it ads a lot of leverage to the swing...
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    44's & OME 851 860 (medium 2.5-3")

    "for example" in context to you not seeming to know what your talking about, so Ill be more specific: You want to remove the center diff, which is your transfer case which runs a shaft to both the front and rear axle. To eliminate the center diff and run a shaft directly from your transmission...
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    looking for "what tools you carry thread"

    The biggest and most obvious is wrenches and sockets, 8mm-19mm and then maybe some larger ones if you have room. Duplicate wrenches in 10,12,14,17 and 19, plus stubby's in those sizes. Sockets the same with duplicates in longer bodies in the above sizes, plus sizing up to 24, then a 32 and 54...
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    44's & OME 851 860 (medium 2.5-3")

    Sorry bud, based on what your saying, I'm not sure you know WTF your talking about. I would suggest explaining better what your trying to do or asking more questions, as so far your making about as much sense as a glitchy Russian social media bot. Removing centre diff so you'd only have RWD...
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    Fox vs OME shocks ride quality

    They are probably the best money I spent on my truck.
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    Joe Rogan's 80

    I agree, there is probably a couple things that could be done to move this from more of an Icon show piece to a bit more expedition style. There are the toyota JDM components which I think would be allowed for that (JDM auxillary fuel tank), would be a good piece of kit and the shop...
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    Joe Rogan's FZJ80 build by Jonathan Ward (ICON)

    I heard a rumor that he's on the forum but is discreet about user name / giving away identity.
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    Joe Rogan's 80

    Um, some vehicles are like art, you can either enjoy them, or stand around b!tchun an moanin about how you would do it better or whatever. Have at er, or enjoy it for what it is. I do enjoy the JRE at work so I have my biases, and also think it the truck looks good, the LSA must be nice for...
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    Joe Rogan's FZJ80 build by Jonathan Ward (ICON)

    Cool rig, I really enjoy the JRE while I work and have heard him talk up the 80 series platform a few times, considering all the other expensive vehicles he has seeing the 80 series added to his fleet is a bit of a compliment to the 80 IMO. I agree on some of the comments for cost, but there is...
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