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    Dyna for expo

    More of a diesel sub forum question, but I would absolutely run a 14B or better yet 14BT, just not for high speed highway up hills and stuff, If your happy at 70mph this might be fine. Have a look at the smaller toyoace trucks as well...
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    2019 EMC 4619 Stock Class 1st Place Race Recap.

    Congrats on the win, its great that you can do it with an old truck and leaf springs, cool old toyota iron there.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    If you look at your wheel with the tire off, you'll notice the diameter narrows an inch or two in from the outer lip. On the inner lip it stays wider for like 3 or 4", this shape is common to almost all tubeless wheels, and the inner shape keeps the rubber on better, and prevents air loss a bit...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Thats a pretty dumb move on the windshield, he could have at least tried it from the inside out. Try shooting safety glasses sometime, youd be surprised. But with the utter stupidity actions blessed with room for intellectual growth, shown above I should elaborate, make sure no one is wearing...
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    Do I have your attention.... I call it VERA.

    Consider suspending the V-band clamp from the exhaust hangers, if or when you have to drop the exhaust to access anything its super easy and you don't put any wear on rubber isolator pulling exhaust hangers out of the rubber.
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    Builds Cummins R2.8 H151 Swap into 1993 FZJ80

    Blasphemy, purists cover your eyes from this heretics crazy miguidance! But yeah, I agree and don't really know why we haven't all gone to a resettable fuse near the battery.
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    Dead 80. Batteries or diesel

    Looks good, the Japanese like those wind deflectors around the front windows, it seems like half the JDMs brought over have those. The DC-1's look good on that too
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    Dead 80. Batteries or diesel

    I revert to cracking injectors if it seems like something isn't right and it turns over fine. It's an easy diagnostic method that will tell you a few things, maybe a bit about gel'd fuel or lack of, you can eliminate like half of the components involved with just doing that
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    Dead 80. Batteries or diesel

    North american diesel has additives in it for the winter that help prevent the fuel from gelling, if it still has diesel in the tank from Japan that may be part of your issue. Also water sedimenters can cause issues if not drained once in a blue moon to get the water out the bottom, problems...
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    Recovery point from 4 holes in rear bumper

    Haha. My younger brother put a set on my dads Cummins years ago. We told him we couldn't believe how much the balls thing had for weeks before he figured it out. Eventually the fall off and one of his buddies found them and it happened to a couple other people too. Edit: just talked to dad, he...
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    Recovery point from 4 holes in rear bumper

    She be a bit dirty! My step plate is notched, I have a latch mechanism from a nissan pathfinder (junkyard) and it works well, opens and closes with one finger and locks well enough, There is square tube reciever hitch welded both sides of the crossmember tubing, and triangle gussets (4) at...
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    Recovery point from 4 holes in rear bumper

    I'm going to suggest an alternative that's cheap and handy.. Take off the aluminum step plate. Put pipe straps with rubber on them on the front edge of the step plate, and wrap those around the steel bar that supports the front edge. Now you can lift up your step plate and drop a strap through...
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    Bolt on turbo kit

    Do you mean the centering punch or the fireplace and bucket of oil?
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    New Wheels - Analysis paralysis

    Yeah, machine, I have black wheels and think the alloy inner with bead lock rings looks better
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    Builds ROTW: Moonshine

    Do you think the inverter black wire might be needed as part of the circuit (ground) in order for it to work.... You said you haven't hooked it up yet...
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